You may know someone who seems to be very lucky and who appears to effortlessly attract success in all aspects of their life. It may be that this person was born with the natural ability to create abundance, but like any other skill this is something that can be learned. By understanding how to use the cosmic Law of Attraction you can start to manifest your desires, as the belief is that your thoughts can control your destiny.

Most people are already focusing on their desires, whether it is wealth or finding a good relationship, which is the first step in attracting abundance. Concentrating on what you want creates vibrations which, in effect, cause the cosmos to bring to you whatever object or desire matches those vibrations. But negative thinking patterns can prevent the positive affirmations from becoming a reality.

how-to-use-the-law-of-attractionFor example, a lot of people fantasize about winning the lottery, even day dreaming about what they would do with their winnings, yet few people ever win it. So the Law of Attraction can’t work, right? Wrong! Most people who are imagining winning the lottery are also simultaneously thinking negative thoughts about their lives. For instance, they visualize taking an exotic holiday in the Caribbean with their lottery winnings, but the reality is they could still afford a beautiful holiday (albeit on a smaller scale) already. Yet they are reluctant to part with such a large chunk of their savings and this is why the Law of Attraction doesn’t bring their desire – they are continually focused on not having enough. If you think you never have enough then that is what the cosmos will deliver.

To make the Law of Attraction work fully for you, you need to learn how to stop attracting negatives. A majority of people will never learn to do this completely as it is normal to retain some worries, and it is extremely difficult to overcome a thinking pattern which has probably been drummed into you since birth. But you can take big strides towards manifesting your desires with a few simple steps.

List the things in your life that you want to change as getting things written down on paper can sometime help alleviate your worries a little. Once this is done you need to take the next, more important, step which is to concentrate on the positive. You could, for instance, keep a journal or scrapbook of good things that have happened in your life and update it regularly as this will help keep your mind focused on abundance and you will start sending out more positive vibrations. Examples of things you could put in the scrapbook are photos of friends and family, a letter confirming a job promotion, tickets from a wonderful holiday, etc. Reminding yourself of desires that already have been manifested in your life will give you the confidence to attract more abundance.

The trick for manifesting abundance is to not only visualize yourself living the lifestyle you want but to really believe it will happen for you. This is not easy, but learning more about the Law of Attraction will, with practice, bring great wealth and happiness to your life.