About Appreciation

It takes a lot of courage to leave everything behind and start your life from scratch, but we found that it can be very freeing and rewarding.  Michael left a well-paying, secure job and his family in California to find a more meaningful way of living his life. He spent years with a Hopi-Apache Shaman and his family to learn – “the old ways” of Native Americans. I met him on his spiritual path during a Vision Quest in Arizona. We fell deeply in love and it became clear that we were meant to be together. I changed my life as well, left my career & family in Germany, and came to Arizona, in the year 2000 to start all over again. We did not have a car, a place to live, any furniture or any income. I had two suitcases and Michael had his belongings in a few cardboard boxes. – But we felt rich, having love and each other.

leave-everything-behind-and-start-a-new-lifeIt might sound like a romantic fairytale or a piece of cake to do this, it wasn’t! We took a hard road with no chance for turning back – emotional pain, depression, money issues, fears and doubts were a part of it. We also met important teachers and beautiful people who became friends. We had new opportunities to learn and heal, support and blessings, and incredible guidance since we started this journey together.

Why are we sharing this today?

To encourage you, that part of the loss, pain, shortcomings and changes we all go through is only temporary. To point out to you, how much we already have in our lives to be thankful for. Please appreciate the people in your life and tell them how much they mean to you. Make a list and be sure to express your love and appreciation on a regular basis, it feels wonderful and will come back to you many fold…