Crystals alone are beautiful things, but they may be much more than just that. Some people believe that crystals hold metaphysical powers that can help with such things as clearing the mind and even healing the body. Please take your time going through this page and read with an open mind. You may want to bookmark it as well.

Cleansing Crystals

Everyone seems to agree, it is very important to cleanse crystals. Crystals hold energy, therefore, anywhere your crystals have been, it retains that energy. This could be a problem if the energy stored is negative or even evil. For this reason, you also must never let anyone touch your crystal. If someone besides yourself touches the crystal, you should purify it again as soon as possible.
There are a couple of ways to cleanse crystals. If one doesn’t work for you, you may want to try another.

Soaking Method: Sea salt is widely used to soak the crystals to balance it’s energy fields. The solution is made with one cup of crystalline sea salt to one quart of water. Hold the crystal in one hand while running water over the other. Make sure that the water is the same temperature as the crystal. Never use a metal holder to soak! This can damage the crystal’s magnetic energies. As you immerse the crystal into the bath, mentally request that all the negativity be removed. Soaking time varies from 15 minutes to several hours. If from a crystal shop, you may want to soak for 24 hours because of the continued touching from others. Once it has soaked, remove from container and wash under cool, running water. The last step is to rub it with a natural fabric such as cotton or silk.

Washing ritual: This method is simple enough. You hold it under running water until you feel that it is cleansed and all impurities are gone.

power-of-crystalsReturning to Earth: To purify your crystal by this method, you wrap your crystal in a cloth and put it in the ground. Some say that this period of time must be “9 something.” For instance, it should be in the ground for 9 hours, 9 days, 9 months, depending on how long you want to go without it. Make sure you mark where the crystal is!! You don’t want to lose it!

Programming Crystals

After you purify your crystals, you will want to program them. You may think the idea of programming crystals sounds ridiculous!! Programming crystals to do what you want them to? But it is true. You may be familiar with programming computers, but programming crystals is a little different. First, clear the crystal by imagining a bright white light (always invision white light) going through the crystal to eliminate any previous programming. Starting out, it is recommended to limit one program per crystal. All requests should have your best interest in mind. Never program a crystal with negative energies, as they will reflect back to you. All you have to do to program you crystals is to just think out what you want it to do in sequential picture form. Sound and colors can be used as well when you get a little more experience with programming. Start out by picturing yourself in great health and happiness. You can also picture your self having completed projected goals like a wonderful painting for an artist or happily not smoking, or being thin. You should always have realistic programs, so not a size 2 right away.. *smiles*
If your crystal is not working, give it time. You may have to wait a while. If you feel that it is taking too long to perform what it is programmed for, it is possible that this is not the right crystal for you. But don’t toss it right away. Try to purify and program it again. This might do the trick. If it is still not working for you, please don’t toss it!! Use it just as a piece of beautiful jewelry, or give it away. It may work better for someone else.


Healing is another great thing about crystals. Crystals are used to realign the body’s energy field, open the chakras, and to just make you feel better *smiles*. In order to use crystals for healing you must first find a quiet place, wear loose clothing, and take off your crystal jewelry. Some say that you should cleanse your crystals after each healing.
Many people use the chakra arrangement for healing with crystals. First off, let me tell you what the Chakras are all about.
Chakras are force centers that can control a person’s energy fields. Some call these areas wheels. Some believe that through these openings, energy is passed from the spiritual body to the physical body. Each chakra helps with a different ailment or performs a specific function:

Helps with physical stress

No. Chakra Location Color Funtion
1 Root base of the spine red
2 Spleen over the spleen orange sexual tension and blockage, instinct and intuition
3 Solor Plexus above the navel yellow storing and distribution of physical and psychic energy
4 Heart center of chest green showing affection, emotional trauma
5 Throat base of throat blue headaches and self-expression
6 Third Eye center of forehead indigo spiritual intuition, awareness
7 Crown top of head violet clearity in knowledge, creativity


“By means of meditation man learns to concentrate and project his attention straight through the physical plane to the Fourth Dimension, then later to further dimensions. He endeavors to bring that which is learned into the physical world, translated into physical language and interpreted into his own brain the best he can… He is getting into the heart of things, the underlying causes, the primordial truths.” Vera Stanley Alder, The Finding of the Third Eye

Crystals are used in meditation as well. You may not be into meditation, however, you may want to try it with a crystal. Meditating with crystals is most commonly used to find one’s “inner self.” They help you focus better, whether meditating to relax from stress or for any other reason. By using crystal, it is said to help enhance the opening of the mind. The following chart is used on deciding which crystal to meditated with:

Color Properties When to Use
Red strength, power lack of vitality, depression
Orange self-confidence, courage insecruity, self-doubts
Yellow happiness, stimulation fear, stress, tension
Green healing, balance selfishness, jealousy
Blue peace, serenity nervousness, restlessness
Indigo intuition, awareness lack of decisiveness, blockages
Violet creativity, enlightenment boredom, lack of spiritual growth
White purity, encompassing all colors completion, protection

*chart from Crystal Awareness by Catherine Bowman
The great thing about clear and white quartz is that it can act as any of these colors.

Meditating using the chakras:

Start at the base of the spine, the first chakra. Focus your attention on imagining a bright red, closed flower over this location. Slowly start to open each petal. Imagine that it is opening from the back of your spine to full bloom on the front of your body. It is said that you should imagine 4 petals. Once the flower is open, move to the next chakra.
The spleen chakra has an orange flower with 6 petals. Then move to the solar plexus, which has a yellow flower with 10 petals. Focus on the heart chakra and it’s 12 green petals, the throat’s 16 blue petals, the third eye’s 96 indigo petals, and the crown’s 972 petals violet petals. Don’t worry about the 972 petals, the number of the petals is not important the visualization opening the 7 chakras is the important part and this just aids in the process.

Allow yourself to feel a new level of awareness, focus on the crystals. Feel it’s temperature, texture and shape. Allow it to grow larger until it is big enough to hold your body. Find an entrance through it’s base, sides or point. Mentally project your body through this entrance. Allow yourself to feel as if you are being pulled in as you are envisioning the entrance. Imagine your body floating inside the crystal becoming aware of every detail. Watch for colors and symbols to appear. Remove yourself after about 15 minutes.
You must then close the petals of each chakra, one by one, starting with the crown and working your way down. Some people believe in leaving a single red petal open on the base chakra. It is thought to never be completely closed because this is where one of the main streams of energy flows into the body. It is a personal decision whether or not to close this petal. Count up from 1 to 9 and let yourself free of the meditation*.


So, maybe you do not believe in the programming of crystals or their healing power, but aren’t they beautiful? You do not necessarily have to do all this stuff if you own a crystal. If you enjoy looking at them, and that is enough for you, that is great, too!! They make great decorations or jewelry. I know many people who own crystal just for the pure beauty of them. Although, if you are having some sort of problem in your life (let’s face it, who isn’t!!) why not try it out? However, if you do believe in your crystal’s great powers, don’t forget to stop programming and enjoy the elegant sight of it every once and a while *smiles*!