The Dreams that led to

the Library of Wisdom

Rejoice in your dreams my brothers and sisters. Rejoice and nourish them. For in your dreams, both waking and sleeping, can be found all that you seek. As long as you can dream, you are alive and growing. For we of the sacred brotherhoods dream with you. We rejoice with you in life. — Brother David

spiritual-metaphysical-and-healingDreams are amazing things. Sometimes they serve to confound us, and sometimes they bring us great clarity. The following are some of those dreams that seem to do both. I share it with you because it seems to be the one dream that most exemplifies the growth and evolution of the Library of Wisdom and the path that has led me here. I have annotated my understanding as best I might. — Brother David


Park Ranger/Info booth dream

PRELUDE: In 1982 I had just moved back home to Colorado (where I was born) after some difficult times while living in California. I had lost nearly everything. All that I brought back with me on the bus were a couple of suitcases of clothes, one of my bibles and 3 or 4 Edgar Cayce books. I was living with my grandmother and aunt and looking for work. My life at that time was filled with a lot pain and I struggled with trying to maintain a positive attitude. A lot of my time was spent praying and meditating. I was looking for work at the time without much luck and had lost most of my confidence in myself. The following dream came to me one night. It actually came in two parts. Where I woke up, I remembered the first part clearly, then went back to sleep and the dream continued. I present it to you though as one continuous dream though as I no longer remember exactly where I woke up in it.

I had been looking for work when I received notice that I had gotten a position as a park ranger in a Mountain Park. I thought to myself, that this would be a grand job, but wondered why I had received it. (I had not applied for the job, it just came to me) I was driving up to this place where I was supposed to work, hoping that I would not get lost, because I had no map and was uncertain of where I was going. (a reflection of the lack of clear direction in my life) I realized that I had few clothes and no food or supplies. I thought that I must buy supplies but had no money, A voice appeared in my head though and said “don’t worry, all will be provided for” and I received an impression that others would help me. Suddenly, a “City Market” grocery store appeared by the road ahead of me and I stopped to gather supplies (I feel this is symolic in some way of the time I have spent living in the city, gathering resouces, and learning – being spiritually nourished). After I had gathered what I needed, I continued on toward the park where I was to work. When I arrived, I saw that all of the Park Rangers who worked there during the summer, were packing up their homes and families and preparing to leave. A harsh winter was expected and none of them wished to stay and endure it. I realized that I had gotten the job of being the winter ranger, only because no one else wanted it. Rather than being disappointed though, I felt good, for I had a job and the means to provide for all that I needed. I thought to myself that though my life had been hard, here I would be able to take time to get my life together and to find peace and purpose for I realized that someone must tend the park and assist the people who came there and I thought that would be a good job.

This is a particularly Quizzing part. What does the harsh winter symbolize? Is it my life at that time, or does it reflect the times of change, when many people will face difficulties, because they are not prepared to accept change.

I looked around me and all of the rangers who were leaving had nice and comfortable homes. I asked the Head Ranger, which home will I live in. He looked at me and scowled and pointed to a rickety old and run down information booth located at the bottom of a hill. He told me I could do whatever I wanted to fix-it-up and then turned away. It felt like the other rangers looked down upon me with disdain for I had no formal training and they felt that I was a fool for taking the job of caring for the park in the winter.

This feels as though it has relevence to the informal nature of my spiritual training, as opposed to the more formalized training of most ministers. There is something more to this that I have not yet sorted out clearly in my mind. Though I had been on the spiritual path for a long time, it seems as though my life is like the little “run down and neglected” information booth.

The other rangers all left and I was alone. For a moment I felt regret but then I said “no I have accepted this job and I will not fail.” I looked at my little, run down, information booth and began to wonder what I should do. I wondered how it had been allowed fall into such disrepair. I looked at where it was located and thought, when the winter snows come and the wind blows, surely the snow drifts would trap me inside. I looked at the hill behind the booth and I saw a winding road that went up it. There at the top of the hill I saw a large and solid foundation. A voice spoke again to me and said “That is where the information booth was intended to be. Once it was there and it served a good purpose, but the other rangers moved it to the bottom of the hill so that it would be more convenient for them and so people wouldn’t have to climb the hill. It was hidden behind the hill then though and no one could see it and those who had already found their way to the park, had no need of it.”

An information booth that no one used, that was convenient but poorly placed for the bnefit of seekers? Once it stood upon the hill on a strong foundation. Like a lighthouse? A beacon or symbol that could be seen from a great distance? Does this symbolize the convenience of modern religion, as opposed to the path of the mystic? The road up the hill would require some effort to climb, but from the top of the hill the little shack would reach out to great distances, helping others to find their way.

I moved the information booth to the top of the hill and placed it upon its foundation. I thought to myself the winds will blow harder up here but they will also blow away the snow so that the drifts can’t trap me inside. If I patch the walls and gather my supplies, this will be much better.

Rather than hinding from the storms, the idea seems to be to embrace them and to use them to my advantage. Patching the walls (healing myself?) and gathering my resources together. This seems to be the desirable goal.

I am inside my booth, the walls are now patched against the wind, the windows are repaired and the door made strong. I have a small stove, a desk and a bed. I think to myself, “it may grow lonely up here” but then I see that I also have a two way radio and realize that is how I will talk with people at great distances and be able to guide them to shelter in the park.

My life then and now has often been quite solitary. Not one for crowds or large gatherings, I have often contemplated my loneliness. But there is no sense of fear of lonliness here. A way to reach out to others at great distance has been provided. Is my computer and the internet my “two way radio” of the dream?

I am outside my booth at the top of the hill and am looking around. I can see in every direction, all of the valleys and all of the mountains. As I look to the West, I see a childhood friend walking towards me from across the clouds. Her name translated, means “Blessed Light”. Her husband follows behind her, he is east indian, and the voice tells me that his name is “Ancient Wisdom”. Behind them are their children, playing in the clouds and I am told they are “the virtues”. My friend walks close to me and smiles and then hands me a roll of undeveloped film (for I use to work as a photographer) she says to me “Reveal these for me” referring to the latent (hidden) images on the film. I accept the film.

This part of the dream fascinates me. For I did indeed have a childhood friend whose name meant “Blessed Light”, and she did eventually marry a man of Hindu descent. I felt strongly then and now that I was being asked to reveal latent or hidden knowledge of some sort related to Ancient Wisdom and the virtues of life.

I look around me again and see the winter storm clouds building in the distance in every direction, over all of the mountains and valleys. But on my little hill, the sun shines, the air is fresh and warm, and my heart has been filled with a great peace. Joy fills my life.

Finally I have come to a place in my life where peace and Joy do indeed fill it. Though oft alone, the sun does shine on my little hill. Loneliness seems to be a re-occurring theme for me through many lives, yet in each case rather than leading to despair, it always seems to lead toward greater spiritual understanding and accomplishment.

One last time I look around and I see a couple walking up the hill towards me. The tell me they saw my information booth on the top of the hill and so found their way to the park and thank me for placing it where it can be seen. I hear a voice calling me on the radio. A man and his family are in their car lost in one of the valleys. I answer him and give him directions. I look again at my information booth and it is magically growing to accomodate the people who are coming to the park. Briefly I am shown the future and I see many people coming from all directions seeking the comfort, healing, knowledge and shelter from the winter storms, that the park provides. I move toward my information booth to greet all my visitors and to prepare them food and to give them warmth inside it.

spiritual-metaphysical-and-healingI am very happy that I took this job, and think that it will not be such a cold and lonely winter after all. My little rundown information booth has become a large and comfortable cabin. Solid and warm, growing constantly to meet the needs of the visitors. It is already grander than all of the comfortable homes that the other park rangers have left behind.


The Library

This particular vision came to me at a time when I was “holding the space” for a group of Light Body students being instructed by Jonette Crowley and her spirit guide “White Eagle”.

It is some time in my future. I am leaving my home located somewhere in the mountains or foothills with my wife and two children. I cannot see my wife clearly (not suprising since I have not yet married in this life) but there does appear to be an exceedingly bright aura about her. Her hair though is long, but I am uncertain as to whether it is light or dark. The aura about her though is quite golden. I am watching us walk away from our home, up a small hill toward the library. With us walk our two children, both whom I see clearly from behind (her children actually, but mine by marriage to her). They have straight dark hair. To the left walks the young boy, and then myself, then my wife, and next to her our daughter. We walk side by side, all holding hands, together up the road.

If this vision is to come true, then it would seem that my life is not destined to always be alone. Could this be the beloved lady “Soun” who is in my life today? Our path has been difficult, but despite a strong and loving attraction, circumstances in our lives has prevented our building a more lasting relationship. Her hair is long and very dark (she is asian) though with golden highlights sometimes when the sun strikes it. It is naturally that way. Likewise she has 2 children, ages 9 and 11 who currently live with their father. They have straight dark hair. Interestingly, though I have never met them, I can “feel them” as though I had always known them. Were it any other woman, I would have given up on the relationship a long time ago, but with Soun, I have no desire to “give up” and am prepared to wait for the long run.

The Library of Wisdom has become both a physical library and retreat center as well as an international Network connected by computers. I sense that there are many organizations from both near and far that feed information into the libraries. I see a large structure with books but also a somewhat ethereal “Golden Pyramid”, both of which seem to exist together on the side of the hill. The pyramid seems to represent the worldwide network, for the knowledge of the library is made available to all people everywhere. Some people come to the physical library and retreat center, while others connect electronically with computers. There are many healing centers and also Universities of the Arcane Sciences which feed information to the library. I sense a great peace and much happiness all about me and my family. I feel that the earth has gone through many great changes, and the knowledge and wisdom in the library seems to not only help people heal, and cope but it also seems to inspire many and give them hope. The library is the core of a loose knit network of organizations throughout the world that are working to heal and raise the consciousness of humanity. The library serves as a clearing house or connecting place for all of their combined knowledge. A place of unconditional sharing, healing and love.

An interesting vision. I often wonder if indeed the Library will grow in such a manner. Time along will tell I guess.

White Eagle Vision

This meditative vision came to me sometime in 84-86 I think. It has been such a powerful and important influence on my life that it seems rather timeless and so I have lost track as to when it really occured. It seems more a part of me and I know that the words I am about to share can never really relate to you the deep personal and emotional impact it has for me. There has never been a time when I have spoken of this dream or related it to anyone either by writing or by voice in person, that I have not relived it and been overcome to the point of tears by its power and the joy that fills me. This I consider the most sacred of my visions and one of the most personal.

I see myself high upon the side of a rocky hill. My hair is dark, straight and long, there is a long robe of some type of a white animal skin about my shoulders. In my arms I am cradling a great pipe. I am walking towards a large rock outcropping and there I stop. Kneeling down, I raise my pipe towards the heavens and pray. As I look towards the heavens I see a great eagle circling. It is most strange and its feathers are the purest white in color. There is no other color in its feathers. As it draws near to me, I realize that it is greater than any other eagle I have ever seen. So great is it that its wings seem to reach from horizon to horizon. It cries out to me but I cannot understand it for its voice is like the wind in the trees and like the water of the rushing river. I try to listen but understand it not. Hovering before me in the heavens the great white eagle reaches out to me and brushes my forehead with the tip of one of its wings and then I am overcome with an incredible feeling of joy and peace. I close my eyes and when I open them, there before me in the heavens stands a great master with hair of gold and a robe of the purest white. His eyes are filled with the greatest peace and the love radiating from him fills me, overcoming me with tears. I think that it is the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) and his voice cries out to me. These are the words that I hear in my mind and in my heart that ring to the depths of my soul.

“I am the eagle and the dove, the hawk and the sparrow. Since the beginning of beginnings I am and there is none before me except the creator of all that is. I am the herald of truth and life, the destroyer of illusions and death. I am your brother and am come to you that together we we may soar through the heavens upon wings of perfect spirit.”

And many things more did my brother speak to me in that moment, but I could not understand them for they were planted like seeds within my heart and within my mind to come forth and be revealed, each in their proper season.

The first of the seeds to be revealed, was my former publication “The Eagle’s Cry”. The second of the seeds was my acceptance of my vows of service. My former BBS “Alexandria” was also one of those seeds, but it has changed now into these Web pages, the “Library of Wisdom”. Many more seeds are still to grow, each in their own season it seems