Read the summary on “The Secret of Our Reflected Universe” conference presented by Gregg Braden in Salt Lake City on March 10th 2001.

If you ever get the chance to see Gregg Braden present his material live in person I urge you to take the opportunity. He is an incredible speaker, and he knows his subject inside and out. The conference held in Salt Lake City on March 10th began at 10:00 AM and went until 6:30 PM. It pleasingly went a half-hour longer than expected. This man has the ability to hold an audience captive for a long period of time. He knows his material and subject so well that he doesn’t use notes. He has a certain ambience that sends a serene calm over the crowd. He sends a message of hope and optimism, and the audience grasps it wholeheartedly.

mirror-UniverseGregg Braden is a visionary scientist holding vast knowledge that he is passionate about sharing with others. “Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.” Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Gregg Braden is a best selling author and has served as a guide to sacred sites in Bolivia, Peru, Egypt and Tibet, and the Southwest in the US. He explores personal and planetary change, and his a former earth scientist and senior aerospace computer systems designer. He has worked for Phillips Petroleum, Martin Marietta Aerospace and Cisco Systems. He is considered a leading authority on the spiritual philosophy of the ancient and indigenous traditions throughout the world. He has spent much of his time traveling the world studying the synthesis of science and spirituality.

Braden believes and speaks of the “Principles of Unity” that bring the universe together. We are one. We all have the technology to heal the world or destroy it. During the next twelve years humankind will experience the inner technology. Over the years, humans have built machines that mimic the insides of our body. The feelings we have in our bodies speak to the fabric of creation, which in a sense mimics the world wide web known as the internet. A way of communicating with the world. Each of us has a tremendous amount of power inside our souls that can effect the world.

A Japanese scientist has studied the effects of a water droplet frozen then exposed to human emotions. It’s amazing how the symmetry, geometry, and color change especially when exposed to the emotions of rage and anger, then to one of love and compassion. When the water droplet is exposed to love and compassion it becomes more clarified, defined, and beautiful. When it is exposed to rage and anger the water droplet is without definition and clarity it is almost ugly. When evaluating this concept it is important to remember that 95% of the human embryo is water, 80% of the human body is water, and 70% of the earth is water. We have liquid crystals in our body that generates energy that can be positive or negative.

Our emotion is the power source or desire. Thought provides direction and imagination. The two joined together presents feeling that comes from our heart, and everything is reconciled in our hearts. Thought has no power until it has emotion. This is important when it comes to the aspect of prayer. Prayer must have the union of thought and emotion. You must feel the things you want to experience. Basically, it comes down to “you get what you believe you deserve.” Just saying it isn’t enough. It has to come from the heart and be a true belief. We experience what we become. The world as we see it is a mirror of what we are inside and what we believe ourselves to be. If you change the way you believe in your heart, you change the world. Just imagine if every single human being did this and it was a positive belief system how much better the world would be. The mirror allows us to find a new way to love through all experiences whether we view them good or bad. Fear stops many from using this wonderful power that we have all been given. We have the ability to change the fabric of creation, and to smooth out the wrinkles of fear that exist. We simply must change our own belief systems within our hearts.

My suggestion to all my readers is to read his books. They are excellent and will make you think. Visit my Book Faves list.