Times of Change
Beloved brothers and sisters of light.

And you are light, growing brighter each day. Yes you are becoming enlightened.

The world in which we live is in a time of great growth. We have seen the status quo of our lives, the security and stability that we as humanity had grown used to, disappear in a tremendous revolution of change. Political boundaries everywhere are in flux, both physically and philosophically. Our faith in ourselves and our brothers and sisters everywhere is being tested daily. This is as it should be. It is a necessary step in the next evolutionary stage of humanity.

spiritual-awakeningWe as humanity and the earth on which we live, are growing, evolving into a new identity and purpose. The very structure and essence of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves is accelerating, becoming lighter, becoming enlightened. Yet as is true of all times of great and accelerated change, our sense of stability and security is challenged. There is a purpose behind this though.

Humanity has made tremendous strides in many areas. There are however many areas in which we have been slow to grow. The human condition is sometimes prone to stagnation, to resisting change. Yet the very essence of life is change. The illusion of turmoil you sometimes experience about you is just that, illusion. Change is a natural part of the human experience in all it’s aspects. Turmoil is the result of resisting change. In some corners of the world the restraints that had been placed upon many individuals, cultures and ethnic groups has been released. Now these groups are facing identity crises as they attempt to change, and to adapt to new found freedoms. In many cases though as the stability provided by the restraints of certain politics, is released, the people involved are required to re-examine their basic natures. Even here in the United States, many of the political and economic stabilities that we had taken for granted have disappeared. This is necessary so that humanity may become more aware of it’s true spiritual identity. The Spirit is not stagnant, it is fluid and ever growing, changing and expanding. Most of the turmoil we experience is simply our resistance to the natural state of our souls.

Many of you are already aware of the active state of growth we have entered. So let us contemplate for a moment then how we may experience the natural state of our souls in a more balanced manner within the material/physical world.

Let me begin by reminding you that the physical world is no more than a crystallized expression of spirit. When we resist or ignore our spiritual natures we are likely to become so attuned to the crystallized nature of the physical world that we except it as total reality rather than just expression. Spirit however never stands still for it is in a constant state of evolution and growth. If we are attuned to our spiritual natures which form our true essence, our physical world (which is condensed or crystallized spirit) adjusts to meet our needs. If we ignore our spiritual nature however, and attempt to experience only the physical aspects of our life than the illusion of stability (which is stagnation or death) takes precedence in our lives. Like all illusions, though it may for a short time give us a sense of confidence or peace, ultimately it will dissolve from around us as all illusions must, leaving us feeling lost and confused. Then, when we attempt to restore out of fear, the illusion we had, we create turmoil in our lives.

Spirit does not stand still. It can not do so for that is not it’s nature. When we are attuned to Spirit, our life experience is one of balance and our world changes in a balanced and harmonious manner with us and we with it. When we resist the natural movement of spirit, clinging to the old ways (the crystallized), we ultimately experience chaos and turmoil as the real world changes to accommodate the growth of spirit and we try to remain in a moment and world that no longer exists.

This is not to say that stability cannot be attained. It is however, a sense, a feeling that is derived from a balanced spiritual nature and a consistency in the practice of spiritual and Godly values. Or in other words for a true sense of stability to manifest itself in the physical world, it must first be present in our spiritual and soul natures. You cannot buy it in the store or earn it as a benefit of your job. It does not magically appear when you meet the one you choose as your life mate. The only sense of stability you can ever really know manifests only from a persistent and constant living of spiritual values.

Meditate on this then. What are spiritual values? The truth here cannot be told you. Words cannot express it. No spirit or channel can provide it. No scripture can reveal it. The only answer that will make sense to you must come from your own inner self. At a time when many speak of the importance of values, settle for nothing less than your own inner guidance. Be patient! The answers will not always come in an instant, but they WILL come. Patience is the most important of lessons for humanity to learn.

Take time then to go apart from the noise of the world, grow quiet within yourselves. Pray, contemplate, meditate, by whatever means is most natural for you. God does not care how you come before him/her. God only desires that you come with an open heart and that you share of yourself. There is no rush, no hurry, no schedule to be kept! No lost time to be made up for and no sins or errors to be forgiven. Present yourself before the creator of all that is, the eternal essence of the universe, and the answers will come. Not in a blinding light or a sudden knowing. Rather as a gradual ebb and flow of spirit. One time loud and clear and the next soft and silent.

Do not fear though. Spirit is consistent in it’s teaching. Take a moment, even now, and allow your mind to grow silent. If you are uneasy, do it for only a few moments, then in a little while do it again for just a few moments longer. Each time grow with it. Do so patiently though. Don’t try to force anything. Focus only on the highest sense of light and Godliness (goodness) that you know in this moment. Rejoice in it and let it fill you.

Through consistency of practice you will find that a certain calm and peace will begin to enter your life. The physical changes and apparent turmoil will appear less severe. As you change in understanding, the stability of spirit will replace the stability you once sought in the outer physical world. You will continue to live in the world, but you may be surprised at how much more smoothly the world responds to you, or perhaps I should say how much more smoothly you respond to the world. You give up nothing except your turmoil and fear. Change continues all about you, yet you find yourself flowing with it in miraculous ways. Life is effortless and joy abounds.

The challenge is to be attuned to the nature of spirit and our souls while living the physical/material expression. In the words of the Christed Master, “To be in the world but not of the world”. There lies the true stability. The knowing of your true spiritual life/self. A life filled with the stability of growing, learning, changing, evolving, becoming….