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Do you know what an aura? Can you see them? Do you know how to read them. Read on.

Everyone has an aura, but do you know what color your aura is? First of all, the aura is the energy field surrounding your body. This energy field is made up of a variety of colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, turquoise, and pink. The intensity can vary. It displays the condition of your psychological and physical condition by way of your thoughts and emotions on a conscious and unconscious level.

We see colors through light rays, which determines the power and frequency of the color. Each part of our body is connected to these energy fields by way of our chakras. All of our body functions and organs are energized via our coordinating chakras. We take in this energy and light daily. The more balanced our chakra energy is, the more balanced our overall aura energy is.

What-is-my-Aura-colorEastern philosophy believes that the body’s cells are energized and programmed by our thoughts, experiences, and emotions. They are held within our organs and glands. This is very similar to what Gregg Braden discusses in his conferences. How a cell in our body looks when we are filled with anger and rage. It is not defined with clarity of shape and beauty but takes on an ugly essence. When we are filled with love, joy, and harmony the cell takes on clearer and more defined shape. It becomes beautiful to look at. The same is true with a water droplet depending upon where it comes from. If it comes from a dirty body of water, it looks unshapely and not geometric.

Everything actual has an aura because everything is created from some sort of energy. I have always been able to see auras, but it started out with being able to see an aura around a plant, then animals, and then finally people. The vibrant colors came later. I could see the basic energy field, and the color was always yellowish or white. Eventually, I began to look for auras purposely especially on people. Sometimes, this gave me a pretty good idea of what their energy was like. Sometimes, I didn’t like what I was seeing, and it made me cautious of that person.

Everyone can learn to see auras. It just takes some practice. If you are interested in learning more about auras, I recommend reading the following book. Please refer to the book list for additional reading.