There are many people who wouldn’t love to win the lottery but unfortunately the odds are stacked very heavily against that ever happening. But there are people who have won big money on the lottery who truly believe that using the power of their mind to pick the winning numbers made that happen for them. Below are three suggestions for making this happen for you too.

Using your intuition or psychic powers to choose the winning lottery numbers

Many psychics will argue that this gift can only be used for good and selfless intentions, but there are also plenty people who believe you can use intuition to pick winning lottery numbers.

psychic-power-to-win-the-lotteryThe most important aspect of picking the numbers using your intuition is completely clearing your mind. If you find this difficult start practising meditation. A clear mind will stop you leaning towards numbers you may have a bias for. Allow yourself plenty of time for this and let you subconscious mind tell you the numbers.

If meditation does not help with clearing your mind there is an alternative method. Ask someone to ask you quick fire questions. It doesn’t matter what the questions are, it can be as dull as what you had for breakfast. Every now and then get them to throw in ‘give me a number’. Answer immediately without thinking. If you pause discount the number as it is your conscious mind that has given it to you.

The Law of Attraction and picking the winning numbers

The Law of Attraction teaches you to attract abundance and bring about your dreams. There is plenty of material on the theory behind this on the internet and there are also books, CDs and DVDs available. But in short, there are three steps to using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery.

The first is to identify your objective which is, in this instance, to be the winning ticket holder on the lottery. The second step is to raise your vibration by visualising what you will do when you win. Imagine how you will feel about winning and create in your mind an image of all the things you will buy or decide what you will spend the money on.

Of course, most people have done these two steps at some point and not won anything, and this is why step three is important. Remove all doubt from your mind that you will win the lottery. Doubt creates negative energy and cancels out the positive vibrations created by your desire.

Dowsing for winning lottery numbers

The first thing you will need to do is make a pendulum. Any weight on a string will do, the material is not important. Next write all the numbers on paper or card then cut them out into squares. Shuffle these and place them upside down on a table.

Ensure the room is quiet and that there are no distractions. Empty your mind and focus only on thoughts of the winning lotto numbers. Hold the pendulum over each number in turn. It should start to sway. Hold it in place for a few minutes and if there is no change in the swaying motion move on to the next number. If the pendulum rotates put the paper square to one side. Do not turn over the numbers to you have identified all six in this manner.