why-do-i-care-so-muchHave you ever been told that you are too emotional on any particular subject or person or deed? How about that you shouldn’t care as much as you do for something beyond your control or beyond your reach? Have you ever just sat and cried because of any of these thoughts or happenings:

· If the world were to end what would happen to all the lovely creatures and plants?

· For all the people who died because they were homeless or struggle to live because no one gives them a chance?

· For all the people who died or are persecuted relentlessly because they are/were a certain religion or race?

· For all the animals that are hit by cars and trucks on our roads?

· For all the animals that are purposely hit by in-humane humans who do it for a laugh?

· For all the starving children in the world –including in the USA?

· For all the animals that are caged in tiny cages, trapped in a zoo for us humans to stare at?

· For all the children tormented because they were too heavy or too thin?

· For all those living that are condemned or punished because of their feelings on others?

The list can go on and on, and may provoke sadness inside of me because I care. I have been told this many a time that I care too much for things beyond my control and so what is the sense of it or purpose?

I find that the purpose or “sense” of it happens to be that I get emotionally charged about things and try to do something to better the situation no matter how stupid another might view it. For example, I bless the dead animals in the road or beside it that have fallen due to a vehicle in the road hitting it. It may seem futile as they are already dead, but don’t they deserve some attention or thought? After all, they lived here on this planet with us humans too. Shouldn’t they deserve a nice farewell thought rather than a “poor animal” or being ignored?

Why do I care so much? I feel the hurt, the abandonment, feelings, and sadness in my heart. I was always told that a good Angel could feel these feelings. And for me the feelings shall remain as I care and because I will always care for those who surround me. I suppose one can trace this back to the famous saying: “Do unto others as you would have done for you”. One who truly believes in this statement will most likely have the same caring or “over” caring that I have.

So the next time you encounter an “over” caring person full of sentiment, pay attention to them and help them through their sentiments or join them because maybe it is the right thing to do. If more people could feel, I believe the world might just change to be a better place.

And for those of you who already “overly” care, Thank You! Without those who care so deeply in this world, we wouldn’t have the humility or the compassion that this world needs. Never feel sorry for feeling!

God Bless!