“Adversity is the fire that forges the strongest steel”

“Blessed is the light that shines in the darkness, the light that burns brightly through the night.”

“The baptism of the body is that of water, but the baptism of spirit, is that of fire.”

“To learn who you are, look into the eyes of a child and regain your innocence.”

“The greatest warriors are they who have conquered themselves.”

“Love is not the answer, it is the way.”

inspirational-Spiritual-Quotes“Forgive first yourself, then you can see clearly to forgive others.”

“Think thrice, listen twice, speak once.”

“Whosover teaches a gospel of fear and retribution, is a false prophet.”

“In all your dealings with other men, ask not for yourself, but for the greater good of all concerned, including yourself.”

“Covet not those whom you love, but release them that they may grow. For the love you release will return to you tenfold.”

“Nurture your dreams & hopes, for they will be your future.”

“You were not born of this world, but of the spirit of God. Remember this always.”

“We are all of one family, bound not by blood, but by spirit. Whatever happens to any one of us, happens to all of us.”

“Physical matter is only the crystalization of spiritual essence.”

“Marriage is only the agreement between two souls, to remember who they are together.”

“Wisdom is learned not in a thousand lifetimes, but in a single moment of unconditional love.”

“Only in silence, can you hear the voice of God.”

“You create your reality with your thoughts. Be careful what you think.”

“When life becomes complicated, return to the simplicity of love.”

“All animosity is born of fear. Overcome your fear, and your enemies will cease to exist.”

“Evil is merely the failure to believe in your own divine nature as a child of God.”

“Death is but an illusion, born out of not knowing yourself.”

“Enlightment is not a sudden knowing, but a continous process of growing in the light.”

“The greatest teachers, give no answers but only questions to guide the students way.”

“The world is improved, not by politics, nor law, nor religion, but by doing one good deed at a time.”

“The greatest treasure in the earth, is a smile given freely and without thought or restraint.”

“It is the purpose of a man to be the guardian of all that is good and sacred, but to do so by being good and living his life in a sacred manner.”

“Patience is the greatest lesson to learn, but without love it is a lesson lost.”

“Some would say that life is about opposites, but in infinity there are no opposites.”

“Your brothers & sisters are mirrors of your own self, whatsover you speak to or about them, reflects back to you. ”

“All paths of spiritual study have validity, as long as they lead you within to your personal divinity.”

“You are born in the image and and of the essence of your creator, therefore know that like your creator, you are without limitations.”

“Listen to the sounds of nature, they are extensions of your own soul.”

“In spirit we are perfect, in the earth we are learning to recognize that perfection in all we see and do.”

“Accept the uniquness within others, for it is part of yourself.”

“To hear the voice of God in the world, listen to a child’s laughter.”

“To be prosperous, share freely of the goodness of your life. The more you give, the more you receive.”

“Love is a gift that no government can tax.”

“When you find your love tested, then love all the more greatly.”

“In aloneness, find your kinship with all life, in relationships with others, celebrate it.”

“Wisdom is the knowledge of the mind, tempered by the spirit, and lived with love.”