Question by kittycat: How exact is Astrology?
I uncover it odd that my star-indicator “readings”, usually seem to have me falling in enjoy, with a person, and pursuing my lifes objectives. How distinct this is, from my actual life. The final a few “expert readings” I had completed (just for the exciting), all say that I am “about to meet my existence mate, and advance my occupation, and my goals”. What I discover so shocking is how small detail that a reading through, even a personalized 1, can have. Whether or not I ask for a 5 year, or just a a few-month, reading, the information in no way changes.

I wonder why this is?

3 “psychics”, so far, have declined to give me readings. Why? Due to the fact, in an effort to uncover out how a lot they could truly notify me, about my life, when they asked for my fundamental information, I advised “You tell me. You are the psychic”. How is it that Astrologers can be so improper, so typically? When they do “get it correct”, how a lot is just plain luck? I wonder why, when I have asked for specifics, specially of employment, asking concerns these kinds of as “Will I be employed close to home, to maintain travel bills low?” All I am instructed is that an “chance” is at hand.

How diverse is this than getting a lottery ticket, in hopes of profitable a jackpot?

Any tips?

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Answer by What? Check it once again!
Properly there is NO scientific or linear proof of astrology functioning, i indicate it appears so unrealistic and illogical that the positioning of planets establish who we are and our potential…

Yet, because a lot of men and women have identified coincidences with astrology, then they are likely to follow and go alongside with the thought of fate and that our lives are mapped out… it is genuinely a form of wishful contemplating.