Everyone possesses some degree of sixth sense, but in most people the psychic power is undeveloped or lying completely dormant. Individual potential differs from person to person but everyone can benefit from enhancing their abilities. Like any other skill, clairvoyance requires regular practice to perfect it.

One of the reasons why so many people have not tapped into their psychic powers is that the busy pace of modern life means they lack the inner calm and intuition to get in touch with their inner self. In order to overcome this it is necessary to set aside some regular time to relax and meditate, where you will be completely without outside distractions. Ensure how-to-be-psychicthat you are comfortable, close your eyes and try to quieten your thoughts. Some people find that some soothing music, burning candles or incense help get them into the right frame of mind for meditation, but this is in no way a requirement and you should do what feels most comfortable for you.

It may take a lot of practice to block out your thoughts and worries while attempting to meditate so you should not give up or feel despondent if you do not feel you have achieved anything on your first few attempts. Once you have got better at it you will start to become more aware of your innermost thoughts and emotions. This will, in time, progress to you seeing images, visions or sensing things. Pay attention to these snippets of information and focus on anything that may seem significant.

Doing this will improve your intuition which is the first step in making the most of your psychic abilities. Eventually you will learn to trust your gut instinct and the more you do that the more you will hear that inner voice giving you guidance about what is to come. Progress in developing the sixth sense varies from weeks to months or even years depending on the individual, but practise will always yield results as you are stimulating untapped potential in previously unused parts of the brain. This may lead on to your inner voice feeding you information regarding other people, prophetic dreams or even seeing other people’s auras.

Some people may eventually reach the level where they may want to start giving psychic readings to other people. It is best to start with practicing on friends and family. Ask for honest feedback about accuracy. Even the most accurate psychic reader cannot guarantee their information is correct 100 percent of the time, so you should not feel embarrassed if you make a lot of mistakes when you are starting out.

The human mind is a very powerful thing. Developing psychic ability is not easy as it requires a lot of practice and dedication, but once you start to tap into your clairvoyant powers the effort becomes very rewarding.