Every month put a few drops of your menstrual blood in his food or drink. This is a very powerful spell that should be repeated every month to keep it strong.

Hoodoo Spell to get your man back from a woman that’s feeding him her menstrual blood.

This is a darn strong spell to break. According to my mentor (Mrs. Ruby) you will have to really put some thought into a case like this. This is what she shared with me. Try either or both of the suggestions below.

1. You need to get the man away from the woman long enough that he doesn’t eat her food. How? Well, you could do some sort of jail spell. Basically get the person locked up for 3o days. This is extreme, but to break this type of spell you need to stop the feeding!!!!!

Hoodoo-love-Spell2. Or, you could turn to the bible for help. In the bible it is mentioned that eating blood is a sin. Try the following:

– Tear out Leviticus chapter 19:26 from the bible drop into a small zip lock baggy.
– Write out the woman’s name that is feeding the man her blood: drop it in the bag
– fill the bag with water

Say the following over the water in the bag,

“Father God, In Jesus name you said that man should not eat blood. Stop (name the woman) from feeding (name the man) her menstraul blood. Do not let one drop of her blood spill into his food or drink. This water stops (name the woman) from feeding (name the man) her blood by any means necessary. It stops this very instant. In Jesus name I ask this. Amen.” Say 9 times

– Zip up the bag and toss it in the back of the freezer so it can freeze!!!
– Say the entire prayer again yelling into the freezer 9 times
– slam the door closed to the frig
– Walk off, don’t look back it’s done!!!