Almost half of all Americans believe they have a guardian angel and there are many amazing anecdotes on the internet of people’s personal encounters with these supernatural beings. A guardian angel is there in a spiritual a capacity but can also come to your physical aid in times of need. However, these beings are not there to control your life and therefore only give you their assistance when they are asked to do so. For this reason, it is great benefit to know how to get in touch with your guardian angel.

Those who have spent a great deal of time studying guardian angels believe that they often try to communicate with the person that they are assigned to but that with the pace of modern life we are just too busy to listen. Therefore, practicing breathing exercises and meditation will help you get your mind into a quiet state to facilitate communication.

guardian-angelThe first thing you need to do is to get yourself in a position to relax. You do not necessarily need to be lying down, you just need to be comfortable. Close your eyes and try to clear your mind. As you feel yourself relax start to focus your mind on your breathing. Breathe in deeply and slowly exhale while imagining that you are breathing out all your negative thoughts. If it helps, you may want to have a favorite (and calming) CD playing in the background or a candle or incense burning.

When you ask your guardian angel a question you should keep it concise so that your angel can give you a straightforward answer. The more direct your question is, the more tangible the reply will be. Once you are in a relaxed state you can ask for guidance in your mind but some people prefer more explicit methods, particularly people who are new to communicating with their angel. You can also state your problem or requirements out loud if that feels more natural to you or even put the request in writing.

To learn your guardian angel’s name ask clearly in your mind ‘what is my guardian’s name’. Keep asking and in time you should start to sense a name. At first you may hear several names, as your subconscious mind may throw out a few red herrings. If this is the case, start focusing on your breathing again before repeating the question. Eventually one name should become more prominent than the others. This is your guardian angel’s name.

The more you call upon your guardian angel the easier and more naturally the communication will become. You may even start to feel their presence on a daily basis. Taking time getting closer to your guardian angel can bring serenity and balance to your life.