“Is it true that if you dream about something that the exact opposite will happen? My mother used to always tell me that.” — Susan
Answer: This is one theory of dream interpretation, but not always true. This type of interpretation has fallen out of favor a bit in the past few decades, but there are times when it does seem to be accurate.

“I keep having dreams about a cemetery and it really scares me. What does it mean?” — Anna
Answer: A cemetery tends to indicate what your life will be like when you are older. For example, if you are in a lonely, sad cemetery, this indicates that you will outlive most of your friends and family. Walking with your loved one in a quiet cemetery symbolizes you two will have a long life together. I hope this helps you out. Please feel free to ask again if I haven’t answered your question. Happy dreaming!

meaning-of-dreams“I was at this summer camp, and every night all the girls in the camp would go into the bathroom, and while we were in there, we were transported to some different place. What does it mean?” — Confused Camper
Answer: This may sound odd, but dreams of a bathroom are fairly common. This type of dream indicates that there is something you need to let go and move on with your life. This, combined with the teleportation aspect you experienced, symblizes that you are holding on to something, possibly an event or relationship, that is holding you back. It is essential for you to deal with this issues before you can move on. Good luck, and happy dreaming!

“I had a dream the other night that I was working for a company that I found out was unethical. I can’t remember exactly what they were doing, but it seems like it was selling something they didn’t own. The people at my level gathered in a warehouse at night to recieve our checks and when I got mine I handed it back to the owner and told him I didn’t want their money, I didn’t want anything to do with them and didn’t want my name to ever be associated with them. I don’t know if it’s important, but when I left the warehouse I was in an alley next to a hotel with a fancy circular drive and a decorative fountain. I have many dreams that I can remember, so this wasn’t entirely unusual in any way. The next morning at work we found out that in order to make their numbers with their international partner, the comany I work for is closing down most of the staff operations where I work and giving the additional work to our counterparts in California. We are going to get a decent serverence package. Based on the dream, I decided not to try to find work within the part of the company remaining here. Wise, or was I just reaching to a dream that didn’t relate?” — Maybe Prophetic?
Answer: I can’t say for sure if this dream was aimed at your job, or it’s current situation, but it was definitily warning that a change for the better was in order. The warehouse where you announced the fraud indicates to me a successful, yet seedy business plan. The alley you stepped into can indicate that it is time for you to make a change for the better, and the hotel you viewed as you left the warehouse indicates wealth and travel. Taken together, this dream leads me to believe that you made the correct decision. Even if this dream wasn’t specifically focused at the situation you described, it was just this type of action that dream was prescribing. While you may or may not have prophetic dreams, I’d say you made the correct decision in this case. Happy dreaming!

“When I was a baby, I had a dream that an elephant was coming towards me. I knew I was a baby because I remember my mother sticking her arm between the slats in my crib to comfort me. What could this mean?” — Dorothy
Answer: Elephants are generally a symbol of honor and dignity when viewed in a dream. I see this dream as an omen that you will lead a life that will inspire others and convey honor to yourself and your family. Happy Dreaming!

”     Throughout my life I have dreamt of many roller coasters. From my childhood up until today, I have dreamt of being on roller coasters. Normally my roller coasters are huge and I am on them at the highest point and the track is broken and I fall to the earth and bounce and get back up and walk back to the coaster. But in this dream I had somehow gotten all of the roller coasters I have ever dreamt of and had them all together on the same pier and I was having a good time on them and just overjoyed I had them all in the same place and that they were all working correctly.” — Bumping Ride
Answer:      Roller coasters typically represent the dreamer’s life. A large, broken coaster symbolizes that while you have a full life and a lot going for you, there are also problems you need to deal with. Falling from the coaster tells me that the problems have, or will, come to a head. Because you were able to bounce right back up and head back to the coaster, you will deal with these problems in an efficient way and be able to get on with your life.
In this specific dream you’ve written about, I believe your subconscious is just trying to give you the “thumbs-up”, so to speak. A chance to enjoy the roller coasters fully, in reward for dealing with them so well when they were broken. Enjoy the ride!