It’s a well-known fact that when we don’t use it, we loose it. This is a fairly adequate description of our knowledge of our own anatomy, once we’ve left the hallowed halls of the high school anatomy class, to say nothing of physiology. Fizzy what? You know, what the body part is good for. Sound familiar?

It should be no surprise then that we have even less of an understanding about that part of us that is relegated to the shadowy world of energy, ethers, vibration & such. After all, we can’t perceive it with our senses, at least not most of us, and it never begs for attention until something goes wrong. Makes you wonder just why it’s so important, I’ll bet.

conscious and UnconsciousThe fact is, so the ancients tell us, the energy body is the one from which the physical body is formed… a blue print, so to speak; a template, parts of which follow our progression through our various incarnations. The science of physics teaches us that nothing can be created nor destroyed; it just changes form. If this is acceptable as truth, then we can easily see how the spirit (animating force), leaving the body at physical death, is not destroyed. In most cases, it will realize it’s immediate destiny and return to the light from whence it came. In other words, the spirit returns home.

That’s nice, you may query, but what happens next? The ancients have schooled us for centuries that the job of soul (animating force) is spiritual growth, which it does through various experiences chosen for learning, and the balance of Karma. Please note here that this is not a system of reward and punishment, as some would believe, It is rather, a mechanism of balance, but more about that at another time. Back to what happens next: the soul then reviews what it has learned, what it could use more practice on, and what new information or experiences upon which it needs to embark. . After a period of cleansing, rejuvenation, and continued learning, it will begin to consider it’ s next incantatory experience, and at the appropriate time, will meet with guides, teachers and other souls to establish relationships to attain its own goals, balance Karma, and help others attain their objectives as well. Doesn’t sound like they’re into a lot of R & R, does it? It doesn’t really matter since there is no linear time in that dimension.

Once all of the planning has been made and agreed upon, the soul brings all of it, including the unresolved issues, as the energetic template for the new body. Some say that the body is already developing, and the soul is able to select one that most meets the needs. The jury is “out” on this one, but it is generally agreed that that pesky unfinished business is often stored in the physical body for its eventual resolve. Certainly, there are issues that are healed in other areas as well, but this article  doesn’t go there, as they say. The really interesting thing, is that all of this information, previously in the hands of only a few esoterically inclined, is now being re-discovered by Past Life Regressions, Researchers, and confirmed by their clients throughout the world.

Now we have a lovely new vehicle for this incarnating soul. Who can resist the sweet vulnerability of a newborn? So angelic; so pure. Innocence incarnate.

Life progresses as planned with all of its paradoxical happenings, every event occurring at the exactly right moment, some incomprehensible in their meaning or timing; many a sign of our destiny and affirmation of our divine connection.

We continue to grow and develop, fall off our bikes, play and fight, get our bodies hurt, get our feelings hurt, and sometimes, even get our spirits broken.

We selected our parents and elders (while in spirit) and as a result, assimilate their belief system, which admonishes us to internalize our pain both physical and emotional. Don’t cry!!!This is not a condemnation of our ancestors as they did the best they could with the resources they had at the time and, after all, we did select them; so they must have some redeeming features, or at least a purpose to our existence.

So here we are with internalized pain, both physical and emotional, which is stored where? Why, in the body unconscious of course! Unconscious? Well, yes.

How many of us really understand the connection between those stuffed feelings and asthma, bronchitis, recurrent sore throat, aching in our chest? What about tight neck and shoulder muscles as we assume the posture of a turtle, retreating into a shell of self-protection? What about the child raised in an environment of yelling and screaming. Is the little one trying, on a non-conscious level, to block out that which they’d rather not hear by frequent earaches? It there a connection between that burning pain in then stomach to an inability to stomach a certain situation, even years after the fact? Why should our very own heart, the seat of our unconditional love, attack us? Did we ever receive a message that we were undeserving of love unless our behavior met someone else’s criteria? What about being labeled as pretentious as we basked in the glory of our selves, recognizing our own accomplishments? Is it more honorable to utter some drivel in the name humility, later suffering perhaps chronic indigestion as our depleted self-esteem literally eats at us?No doubt, if we search deeply enough, each of us will be able to dredge up some profoundly buried emotional pain, resulting in a physical manifestation for lack of resolution.

It seems like the point has been made.

Now, what to do about it… The first step to the resolution of anything is identification of the problem, or at least, realizing that there is a problem, even if we don’t know what it is. The vague sensation of uneasiness, a physical condition for which there is no apparent cause, a feeling of being out of sync; these are only a few of the ways that our body-mind-spirit attempts to communicate a sense of dis-ease. Some of us even need severe pain as the proverbial “wake-up” call. Once we have honored and connected with our inner wisdom, we obviously need to get some relief, and generally begin to look for help on then physical level, which is absolutely appropriate. After all, who can meditate when their head is about to explode with a migraine?

Incidentally, it’s extremely important to note that medical attention should be sought when one has a problem. Consider that each healing modality has its place, none superseding the other; rather, each meeting different needs. In other words, if you think you’re having a heart attack, please bookmark this article for future reference and go to the nearest emergency room! J  We try any number of healing modalities, all of which are helpful to varying degrees; some even completely resolve the issue. But for those of us who run the gamut, we eventually find that the road leads us right back home to our own inner healer.

Now, the body has become conscious; it is our vehicle to the real self, that part of us that yearns to return to perfection. And IT WILL, which is the beauty of our journey. We can’t do it wrong, but we can do it easier. Finding the appropriate modality to access the inner wisdom, provides us with the key, opening the portals of release both in the physical and emotional realms, some of which may even happen below then levels of conscious awareness.

Of course, this is beginning to sound like a commercial for Craniosacral Therapy, or Reiki, both having the potential to reach the deeper levels. Honestly, it is, because the results have been proven to me both as a practitioner and as a client over the years.

I wish you blessings in your healing journey, and should you feel guided to explore these modalities, please click on their respective links.

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