When visiting a psychic for the first time one thing many people worry about is whether they can predict a death. A fear of bad news can put someone off from taking the step to book a reading. On the other hand, the client may be unwell or worried about a loved one and may be considering visiting a psychic in the hope that they can alleviate or confirm those fears. So can a psychic really foretell a death?

How much a psychic can predict about a person’s future depends on a number of factors including the strength of their ability and also on the individual they are reading. Therefore there is no guarantee whether, if a death is imminent, that they will foresee this. In cases where the psychic does become aware that either their client or someone close to them is going to die it is unlikely that they will disclose this information.

predict-deathThere are many reasons why even an accurate psychic reader will not predict a death. If for instance their client is very ill, telling them that they are soon to die may lead them to give up their fight for life and will likely cause a black cloud over their remaining days. No future is set in stone and the psychic can only predict what lies in their future at that point in time. To some extent a person can change their life path and removing hope could take away the slim chance of recovery. If the foretold death was under unexpected circumstances they may instead offer tactful guidance to help the client avoid this, rather than unnecessarily distressing them with news of their death.

The same reasoning can be applied to predicting a death in regards to friends and family members. This knowledge can have an extremely negative influence on a person’s life, in more than just an emotional capacity. A good psychic will place emphasis on the positive aspects of a person’s reading as their goal is to produce a reading which is an empowering experience. Anything bad they may have foreseen is generally only discussed if there is a good reason for a person to receive this information, for instance if it is important to change their life path.

There are, however, rare occasions when a psychic may choose to predict a death. This is generally only done under such circumstances as a close family member being very ill, where death may be a blessed release. The psychic may intuitively know that their client is already aware that the death is imminent and will offer comfort of some form.