This particular writing came to me following a period of meditation and searching, after the taking of my vows of service. It came from within me although I am hesitant to say that I wrote it for I feel it was inspired by the Holy Spirit and the Masters of Light.

The Wording or names of each Chapter were part of what I received from Spirit. I have attempted to post next to them, my “personal” understanding of what they mean, but to the best of my knowlege they have no “real” launguage foundation. If however you find that your recognize them from any language source E-Mail

Tewa – Kishta – Wakela

TE-WA – the calling, the choosing

Here us oh children divine!
Awaken, Awaken!!

Oh keepers of wisdom and light for too long have you slumbered, rise up now we pray, from out of your soul’s deep sleep. Great is the need for your light to shine forth in the Earth.

Embrace no more the emptiness of your sorrows oh children of light. Today is the day for which you have waited, today wisdom emerges again into the earth no longer shrouded in shadows and mystery. No more shall ignorance and darkness obscure the eternal light in your souls for the time of emergence is at hand.

Hear us oh children divine!

Shred the walls of your cocoons, shatter the gates of the prisons that have hidden thee. Like the phoenix, rise forth from the ashes of your past to emerge new into the dawning that is taking place about you. Oh beloved ones know that it is for this time, you came into the Earth? The eons of your trials have not been in vain. Here us oh gentle ones, despair not, for limitation shall no more hold sway over thee nor shall the shoutings of the false prophets drown thee out.

meditation-and-soul-searchingHear us oh children divine!

The earth cries forth, longing to hear your song. Forsake not your mother in her time of need. Ignore not your brothers and sisters, for to you is given the keys to all wisdom, covet them not for yourselves, it is for you to share them with all who seek. Rise up keepers of the golden way, know why ye are called!

Oh slumbering guardians you are born after the orders of Melchizadek, and of Thoth the wise. Awaken now to your purpose. You have sojourned in this earth for Eons but your home is not in this world. You came to serve and you have served well, but the longing of your souls remains as a great void.

Here us oh guardians, keepers of the eternal flame, the time of your fulfillment is at hand. Slumber not any more in the illusions of the earth, the time of final service is at hand. In this day shall the longing of your hearts be fulfilled and then shall your souls be free to soar forth from the bonds of the earth. Oh servants of the Lord most high, we pray thee, if our words echo in the void of your beings and resonate with the songs of your hearts then do not doubt yourselves. Accept the voice of the Holy Spirit as it speaks to you and embrace the truth that is revealed. Come forth into the eternal council where the way shall be shown you and the illusions and shadows of the world shall be removed, transmuted in the eternal essence and flame of the Lord thy God.

KISH-TA – Sacred Gathering, Council

Oh children of light, who hear the sacredness of our call to service and who of your own free will choose to listen, hear us now and we pray, embrace the fullness of our words.

From out of Divine Essence (God) you were born, and divine essence only shall you serve. You know this now in your hearts, for all other ways have only brought you emptiness. Prepare then to fill the emptiness of your souls with the essence of your father/mother creator and know that you are not forsaken. There is nothing of the earth or the material worlds that can fill you, for your soul is like unto your creators, infinite in its expansiveness and only the love of your Lord is sufficient to fill it.

Eons ago you answered the call of service, not by commandment but by your own free will. Come forth now not by any means except thy own free choosing for who so ever hears our call and enters into the eternal flame shall be forever changed. The things of the earth that please you today shall no more hold appeal for you. Those whom ye have called friends shall turn away from you, not in malice, but only because they shall no longer know you. Your families shall look upon you and wonder how came this change to their beloved one.

Here us oh children of light, if you choose the way of the guardian you shall often stand alone in the world. Only one who is given to service equal to thy own may be your companion, for no other could walk long with you and no other may comprehend you or your depths.

Once you accepted this way, but the temptations of the earth swayed you from it and so you entered into your slumber. Now we ask you to again embrace the essence of who you are that you may be fulfilled and that the way home may be clear to you. We (the Spiritual Masters) shall stand with you beloved ones, for from this day forward we are one with you. Whatsoever burden you carry, we shall carry likewise.

Prepare then to enter upon the way if you choose it. For we the Masters of the Brotherhood of Light have walked the way before you and shall guide you in your journey. Fear not the solitude for it shall not last. In the days to come many will come to you to bask in the light that shines within you and to seek the keys to wisdom. Know this, you cannot give them wisdom, that is not your purpose. You are the way showers, it is for you to stand upon the heights and hold forth the lantern of eternal light. You are not the way, but you shine the light within yourselves upon the way that all who seek to make the journey may see their own steps clearly. You are the Guardians, the servants who have walked the path within and now you light that path for others that their way may be easier.

Be still then within yourselves and enter into the silence. Set aside all thoughts of the world. Think not of its problems or cares. Looking into the depths of your own beings to that most holy of holies where the lord awaits you, breath deeply of the essence of spirit, allow it to fill your being. Release yourselves of any fears, worries or thoughts of the material world, pour out of your heart any expectations or concerns. Now, empty of all the things of the material world, enter into the most holy of holies.

Oh beloved servants of light, behold before you the eternal flame of life. Behold the pillar of fire from which all life springs forth. Now is the time of your purification to service. If you are free from the world, if you are ready to embrace the service you have chosen of your own free will, if you would be a guardian, a keeper of the sacred keys of wisdom and light, then step forth NOW into the eternal flame…….

Notice the warmth of the love of the Lord thy God. Feel, as the light and love that is the flame, fills every part of your being. The flame does not harm you does it? Yet do you feel your every concern, your every fear, your every shadow, consumed, burned away by the fire of God’s love that moves through you?

Oh keepers of the flame, forget not this moment for it is what you experience now that you will shine forth from your very being each day. Become one with the Flame, the Divine Essence of your God.

You are one with your Lord but you are not the Lord. You are the seed, the expressions, the children of the most high and it is your purpose to aid the awakening of all God’s children. You have slumbered and now ye are awakened, go forth then holding high the flame, the light, the truth of the Divine Essence for all who still slumber.

Once you were of the earth. Now though you live in the earth, you are no more of it, rather you are of the Divine Essence from which even the Earth itself came forth. Here us now, oh Keepers of Wisdom, though you will leave this most sacred of places and return to your lives in the earth, your essence, your soul is now filled with the light and grace of the holy of holies. Embrace it and shine it forth. To you it is given to hold forth the energies that will aid the awakening of humanity to their greatest potential and their Divine destiny as children of the most high. In the days to come, await the presence of the Holy Spirit with patience and humility. For the Spirit of God shall come to you and by the hand of God shall you be anointed as Guardians of His Sacred Will and Purpose.

WA-KE-LA – Holy Law, Sacred Rule

Guardians of Light, hear us and listen well for now is given the law, the code by which you shall live. It is this law that will prove you as Guardians and by it shall all know you as Keepers of Wisdom.

1.) Be always loving of God however you perceive Divine Essence. Honor and love all of God’s creation keeping the wonder and awe of the little children, strong within your hearts.

2.) Be respectful and loving of all your brothers and sisters. Strive to always be patient with all whom you meet. Likewise be patient and loving of yourselves.

3.) Of humanity error is often expected. For those who are of the Earth, are subject to the illusions of the earth. Oh Guardians, though you live in the earth, you are no more of it. Dwell no more in its illusions. If you find error in your ways, correct it, restoring balance where ever possible, then go forth again holding high the Divine Light you have been given. Do not continue in your errors.

4.) To none is given the right of Judgement. This belongs only to the creator of all that is, for only God may see with eyes of perfect judgement. Therefore Guardians judge not, it does not become thee. Yet learn to practice wise discernment in your affairs.

5.) Guardians of the way, speak ill of no one, even when you perceive folly in their ways. Offer wise counsel when it is appropriate but force your ways upon no other. Instruct by your more perfect example. In the manner you live, so you teach.

6.) When you are approached by seekers, share of the light of understanding that you have attained, but remember your words cannot give wisdom to any. Rather point only the way, for each individual must make the journey according to their own will.

7.) Again, be loving of all people, and of the Earth on which your bodies live. Likewise treat your bodies with respect and only such gentle discipline as is sufficient to the maintaining of good health. Remember your bodies are the vessels of your soul which holds the keys of wisdom and bears forth the light of the eternal Flame.

8.) In matters of intimacy and companionship be cautious – share of your selves only with one who will respect you. It is best if you hold your physical desires in reserve until you find a companion of equal dedication to service with whom you resonate. Then give of yourselves fully with tenderness and passion.

9.) Teach others in the most positive manner of which you are capable. Do not invoke fear with your words or attempt to manipulate others through devious means. Fear and manipulation are the tools of darkness and are used only by the False Prophets and those who seek power over others. However, speak honestly of matters of the world. Teach the importance of discernment, honesty and being prepared, for these are expressions of wisdom. Live your lives with Joy, not in fear, nor instill fear in others by your actions or words.

10.)Worry not when others challenge your words and teachings, for the Truth will withstand all challenges and only the illusions and misperceptions will fall away. Listen to others but except blindly no word of another without testing it within the flame of thy own being. Challenge even these words we give you this day, for true wisdom will always withstand the greatest challenge and prevail.

11.) Be patient with all you encounter, no other may see exactly with your eyes and some may see with eyes quite different. Seek to see with the eye of spirit, then you will see past illusions and with the eyes of the many and the one, and so will gain a greater clarity.

12.) Oh Guardians of Light, give no permanent form to your teachings. Create no form or dogma other than the Order you follow. You must embody the more perfect light and the more spiritual expression of same. Rather allow yourselves to live in the moment and allow your teachings to change and grow with the need of the moment and the need of the individual. Use only such ritual as may be helpful in aiding understanding but adjust your expressions to the need of the moment and to that which is most helpful to yourselves and others.

13.) Whatever the Holy Spirit reveals to you, share freely with whoever asks of you. All you have received came to you freely, share then likewise. Refuse no one. Yet if one who has received from you chooses to share with you of their own abundance, accept it. For what is given to you out of free will, and without attachment, comes from the Spirit of Truth to nurture you. Understand that prosperity requires both giving and receiving and this is in keeping with God’s law. Suggest an appropriate exchange for those who ask but be always flexible. Allow each person who comes to you to give in return according to their ability. If any are without resources to share than give to them of your blessings and remind them of the need to share with others at another time. Give first of yourselves in service, then God shall return to you in abundance.

14.) You are no more of the Earth yet live in the Earth you must. Conduct yourselves, therefore, in a balanced manner. Contribute to your societies and your nations with tenderness, wisdom and love. Be always charitable. Seek what ever employment brings you joy and enables you to fulfill yourselves spiritually and as Guardians. In all business matters be fair and honest, deceive no one, neither take advantage of them in any way.

15.) Hold forth the light as you are inspired by spirit. To some it is given to be teachers, to some healers, to some writers, to some it is given to simply live your light in silence and without fanfare but with love in your heart for all you meet.

16.) To all Guardians is given the responsibility to hold that space, in their heart and in their consciousness for the continuing advancement of humanity. In your prayers and meditations, shine your light upon the earth and all it’s inhabitants. Direct the light of your beings and the cleansing fire of the Holy Spirit to all places where there is need.

17.) In all ways be loving to your families, friends, acquaintances, co-workers and anyone you meet along your journey. Yet give no heed or power over you, to those who would manipulate you or bring shame and dishonor to your service.

18.) Protect the innocent and those less capable from grievous harm at the hands of others. Truth shall be your sword and love your shield. Hold high then the sword of your truth and gather your shield about those who have need of thy protection. Care for the little children for they are the future. Shelter them from harm and from the manipulations of devious persons. Teach them through proper example and learn from them the ways of innocence and wonder.
19.) Take frequently unto yourselves, periods of silence. Enter often into the Holy of Holies and there renew and refresh yourselves in the fountain of God’s Essence. Whenever you come unto the Lord, embrace the baptism of his cleansing fire for there shall clarity be restored to you and in the presence of the all encompassing light the shadows shall cease to exist.

20.)Whenever possible, gather together in groups in meditation and prayer to celebrate the glory of life and to embrace the Lord of your beings. Yet remember oh Guardians, make neither church nor religion out of your teachings. These things are necessary for those who know not the baptism of fire, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You however are required in all ways to remain unfettered of illusions and limitations.

21.) Your souls are not limited, therefore limit not your thoughts, worship, or praise. True Wisdom is of God and the world cannot contain it. Only the keys given to you, in the sacred fire, can the world know, for the keys are not of themselves wisdom, but rather they are the lanterns that light the way. Here us oh Guardians, hold thy lanterns high that the multitudes may see them and may desire of their own free will to journey the way. You are awakened. You have of your own free will chosen to serve. Now go forth in love and patience for the time is near when once again you shall soar the heavens upon wings of perfect spirit. Keep sacred always these guidelines we have given you and any law of spirit that reveals itself to you.

Blessings and Light shall always be with you and we the Masters of Light, your brothers and sisters in spirit, shall walk with you.

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CALL OF THE GUARDIANS is ©1992 by David Wendel Robinson (AKA Brother David or Eaglechild) It may however be freely reproduced by any means according to the following conditions: 1.) It must be reproduced in its entirety without editing other than corrections for spelling and must be accompanied by this notice. 2.) It may not be reproduced for profit or material gain. 3.) If translated to other languages it must be accompanied by the original English writing. If you find this writing worthy, please share it with others.

a.) Melchizadek was a High Priest and servant of God during the time of Abraham. It is recorded that Abraham gave honor to Melchizadek calling him “the Lord who is My Lord”. It is also claimed that Melchizadek was never born into the world or died to pass from it. A Divine Soul who manifested a body out of pure essence, some mystics believe that Melchizadek established a mystery school or order of mystics/guardians that served until the time of Jesus. Some also believe that this mystery school also held close ties to some of the Egyptian Mystery Schools, in particular that of the Egyptian lord/god Thoth and those that promoted a belief in one God and the Divinity of all humanity.

b.) Thoth or Thoth-Hermes, is best known to most modern people as the Egyptian God of Wisdom and in Egyptian art is portrayed as a black headed ibis. Thoth is the Egyptian judge and the keeper of the record of life and is often referred to as “The Scribe of the Gods”. Thoth (the man) was the architect of the “Great Pyramid” and possibly the Sphinx that are found at Giza near Cairo. He was also the founder of at least one Egyptian Mystery School.

The 20th Century seer, Edgar Cayce, described both Melchizadek and Thoth as being previous incarnations of the Master Jesus. After the time of Jesus, and with the rising popularity and organization of Christianity, the Orders or Schools of Melchizadek and Thoth, merged deep into the background of Christian and other Mysticisms and essentially disappeared until the ordained time of their re-emergence today as guardians for the next cycle of major spiritual change for humanity.

Followers of these orders (there are many expressions) are awakened and called by the Holy Spirit according to the need of the time, to serve by holding a space in consciousness for aiding humanity in its spiritual evolution and through whatever service of Love they as individuals are called. Those who choose this path of service, are usually few, although many are called by spirit. They may serve from spirit or in the flesh, each according to their own growth and need. Most have served for many lifetimes, although any soul who is called and is willing to serve Divine Will, may enter upon the path.