Many of you on the earth plane feel conflicts concerningthe use of personal power to create what it is that you want in your lives. Your history has many examples of powerful people, but unfortunately, your civilizations have emphasized those that used power for personal gain and control which may have caused the suffering of many. With this historical perspective on power, you have learned that power is a dangerous thing that is not to be trusted. True power comes from the heart, and is all embracing. The kind of power that leads individuals to manipulate, control and force their will onto others stems from fear, and can never last. Only the Using-Personal-Powerpower of love can endure, and only the power of love can create permanent changes for the good of all. Perhaps as a child you had negative experience surrounding issues of personal power. You may have been raised in a strict or even violent environment, or had parents or school teachers who fed you negative images concerning the wealthy and the powerful.

Because of the conflicting values of society concerning power, most of you are in a position where, on the one hand you feel powerless to change anything, and on the other hand, you keep your personal power in check, afraid that it may be overbearing, dangerous, or even evil. When you are coming from a place of joy and enthusiasm, your power will always be for the greater good of all. A joyful heart always wants to share its joy with everyone around and wants others to experience the same joy. It is sad to say that most of you are so afraid of your own power that you sabotage your own success when things are just getting started.

Some of you fear that if you change your life, use your power and energy to create more joy in your life, you will lose the friends that you have. There are even some who speak proudly of their misfortune and scorn others who have success. They even try to talk others out of bringing more success into their lives. These people are worthy only of your love. They have lost their own sense of power to such a degree, that they feel if others move beyond where they are, they will be left alone in a state of hopelessness. The truth of the matter is, there is no greater loneliness than the loneliness you experience when you are separated from your Soul. When you are separated from the joy of life, its purpose and meaning, you can be among a myriad of people and experience a deep sense of loneliness. When you are connected to the source of your joy, connected to your Soul, and living life as your Soul by allowing yourself to use your personal power, you could be standing alone at the top of a very high mountain and not feel in the least bit lonely. In this place you will feel connected to all life, to all beings, and the sense of wonderment and fulfillment you will have ,will be beyond anything you can imagine.

Many of you spend years in search of personal power, fulfillment, or in search of God, whether that God with the God within, or the God without. However, most of you keep yourselves in the position of trying, working hard at it, fighting to get there, because you are afraid that when you finally get there, there will be no there there, and you will be stuck with the thought that life really doesn’t have any meaning at all. It is true to say, most of you are afraid of life, not death, as most of you would claim. The truth is, life does not have any meaning to it other than the meaning that you want to give it through creating your life according to your wishes. That is the purpose and meaning of your life, and your desire to create your life according to your deepest wishes is the true source of your power. Do not deny your power because you are afraid to move beyond the crowd, but take your place and help the crowd to greater things by leading through example.

The fear of not being liked, or accepted, is the greatest obstacle to most of you in creating a life of joy and happiness. You may not consciously say the words, but most of you decide it is better to stay where you are because it is safe, and because you have the fear of not belonging, rather than move beyond what is comfortable, into a new realm of happiness.

Releasing the Past

The greatest consumer or personal power is living in the past. Although on the path of healing, releasing and forgiving, you will need to acknowledge past pains and hurts, there will come a time when it will serve you to release them fully, and that means no-longer identifying with who you were at that time. This does not mean denying your past, but it does mean re-framing the negative into the positive through recognizing how past situations have brought you to where you are today. Your life is like a journey, and you can choose to enjoy it. If you were going to go on a cruise aboard a luxury liner, would you spend all your time talking about and lamenting the port you have just left behind? Or would you be focussed on the place where you were heading, with all the enthusiasm and excitement that goes with it. No matter what the weather on the ocean, the waters will always be smoother in front of the ship, than in its wake. Living in the past is like living in the wake of the ship, no matter where you go, your life will always have turbulence.

Living in The Now

Part of living creatively and using your personal power is realizing that the power is in the moment, it is in the present. You may sometimes get so wrapped up in your future goals, that you will forget to live in the present. Although it in takes constant focus and positive intent to create what you want, you will do yourself a disservice if you tell yourself that you will only be happy, content and fulfilled when you have the future you are picturing for yourself. Again, just like being on the cruise ship, part of getting to your desired destination, is enjoying the journey, the process of getting there. Having all the things and circumstances you have dreamed of may be the icing on the cake, but you can also enjoy the cake.

The power of creation is always in the now, in this moment, and the past is one moment ago. You can decide to re-create yourself at any time in the present, for you always have the present, and the past is indeed behind you. You may not be able to change certain facts from your past, but you can change your perspective of them. Through re-framing the negative into the positive, and by concentrating on the gifts that were present in your past, you will bring more power to your now, and change the future you are setting up for yourself.

No matter how negative you think your past has been, there will have been some joy, some love and laughter and experiences you can identify as positive somewhere in your past. It is only a question of shifting your focus. As you shift your focus, you will greatly empower the present moment with positive images of who you truly are, and in this empowered present, you will go on to greater things, allowing yourself to create and attract more love and joy into your life. Only you can influence you personal power no-one else can do that. You can choose to deny your personal power through focussing on past failures or past pain, or you can reclaim you power by knowing that it is this moment that counts. All life is a series of moments. Each moment is unique and powerful. In the higher dimensions of existence, there in no experience of linear time. All time is simultaneous, all is in the now, and it is in the now where all the creative power exists.

Setting Goals

To manifest your hearts desires, it is important to set goals. However, be a little flexible and allow the Universe to guide you along paths that may bring you more than you have asked for.

Take a piece of paper and list all those things that give you joy, then list the things that you desire to create within the next year. Start with the smaller things that have less emotional importance behind them. As you do this, also write up any fears, beliefs or doubts that you have regarding the thing or circumstance that you wish to create. Maybe you wish to stop smoking, lose weight, find a partner or make more money. Ask yourself about your beliefs regarding your body, your ability to look attractive and be healthy, your worthiness for love and companionship. Ask yourself what you really believe about money. Are you allowed to pray for these things? Are these things spiritual?

When you have completed this task, getting a feeling sense for how many times you told yourself no, or that guilt or a belief in your inability surfaced to be heard. How many times did an inner voice tell you that your dream was not possible? Which voice did you believe, the one that says that you can do and have what you want, or did you give in to the voice of doubt? It is your choice what you believe, be aware of your limiting beliefs, change and move beyond them, and then you will see new forms unfolding in your life.