Al’s NLP Success Story.

Another typical story involves a 40 year old man who was in charge of the meeting room I was teaching in. I noticed he would hang around in the back of the room listening very intently to the learning strategies I was teaching.

At a break, he came up to me and said “What you are doing is very important. If I could just spell and read better, I could manage this motel instead of delivering coffee and cleaning up the room. But I can’t spell so I can’t write memos or letters–I get embarrassed because so many words are mis-spelled. And, since I can’t read very well I wouldn’t be able to read memos or letters nlp-for-spellingeither. When I was in school I was told I had a learning disability because I couldn’t keep up. So they put me in LD classes all through school. And I still couldn’t do the work. I remember one day in the sixth grade, I was at the board working fraction problems and couldn’t do it and the teacher screamed at me ‘Just go sit down. You are just dumb and you will never be able to learn.’ That happened a lot to me and I dropped out of school in the 10th grade because it was no use to go to school. Then I got into trouble and served time in prison. Now I am out and have a family and am trying to take care of them. But I am limited because I can’t spell or read very well.”

The class I was teaching was on my book “Rediscover the Joy of Learning” and I invited the gentleman in to tell his story to the class. My comment to them was “This is what we are about. What you are learning can help keep this kind of thing from happening in our schools.” The good news is I invited the gentleman into the class and had some of the students teach him learning strategies. He was able to learn them very rapidly and easily and was very excited about these “new skills!”


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