Question: When I will get it arrange or love. Answer:

Dear Arooj

We are all the Creators of our lives so a very good question in your head would be

How soon do you feel you are going to get married and how much do you feel it’s going to be out of Love or arrange?

When-I-will-get-marriedSo what are you projecting out into the Universe? You will get just that.

So what if you can start projecting positive thoughts and feeling because all that you see, hear, feel, touch and taste is all

Vibrational energy and we can shape it and create the universe around us using our thoughts and feelings.

So instead of asking these questions which have the projection of not knowing, start projecting what you DO WANT.

If it is to get married soon out of Love, then project that, and you will sooner than you think have just that.

Enjoy the process of creation

Eimaste always in Love
Stavros Santis

Good Luck!!!

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