ask-the-spirits-publishingI really need to get “my feet wet” in the publishing industry, but my spiritual advisor says I’m bound for the ranks of investment banking….

Online would be great. But my spiritual advisor says I’m bound for the ranks of investment banking. Yuck! He has always known more about me than I do. What do I do ???


Dear “darkestlove”,

First of all, darling, love is not dark, love is the Light. I urge you to live in that Light and all your problems will be solved, tsatskeleh.

Now, about the publishing industry. Having been involved in the publishing industry and knowing that it isn’t “all that,” and also wondering what kind of schmendrick “spiritual advisor” would tell you to get a banking job, had to go inside and ask my guru Sri Sri Sri Mahatma Schmattaji of Mysore what the real question was here. And the answer he gave me knocked my socks off.

“The real question,” Sri Schmattaji told me, “is about getting one’s feet wet. What does that mean?”

So I sat and contemplated that, until my husband Al banged on the door and told me to get the hell out of the powder room already.

When we get our feet wet, what are we doing? We are taking a dip into a vast ocean. It might be a bissel uncomfortable at first, a little cold. You may not know how to swim. But soon you get the hang of it, you warm to that ocean, you merge with it. I do have a point here, hang on.

You say you need to get your feet wet in the publishing industry, that online would be good. There are numerous opportunities online. My web host, WebSeed Publishing Network, is a good place to start. Nu, why not compose your own web site?

But maybe your spiritual advisor does know your true heart. Is it a job you want? Online isn’t exactly rife with opportunities these days, Darling. Listen to Swami Joan: do what you love, the money will follow. And then invest that money in the bank. In this crazy market you’d be meshuggah to invest in stocks. Maybe that was what your guru meant. And if not, it’s all the play of consciousness anyway.