turban-hair-problemDear Spirit,

Do you wear a turban? and if you do, what do you do about The Hair Problem when you end your swami day?

–From a reader who would like to wear hats, but fears removal of same

Dear Hat-Hair,

At first, we did’t not consider this an appropriate question for this forum. “What kind of meshugginertroublemaker is this?” I asked myself, nearly forgetting to see you as yet another beautiful expression of Supreme Consciousness. See, even we Realized Beings have our moments if we’re not dilligent, which is why it’s really very important to do your spiritual practices. So I look at this lapse as a gift that keeps me humble.

As a result, I did deeper inquiry as my revered Teacher, Sri Sri Sri Mahatma Schmattaji of Mysore, taught me to do, and I realized that Hat-Hair is a sincere seeker who wants to know the Truth.
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So here goes.

I am full to bursting with the joy that comes of knowing that she no longer has to identify with that limited small self she used to think she was. Which is a relief, because I was very high maintenance and a real pain in the cosmic butt.

In other words…hat hair, schmat hair, it doesn’t matter. You are not this body, darling.

I am not a wearer of turbans. There is nothing in the guru’s job description that says you must wear a turban, and I can’t imagine where people got that idea. Since I am neither a Sikh nor Gloria Swanson, my prefered head covering is a nice wide-brimmed hat, in red to match my renunciant’s apparel. Loehmann’s in Queens has a nice selection.

And if my bouffant gets a little squashed from my hat…so? It’s just the dance of Shiva. Cause and effect. You wear a hat, you flatten your hair. You can always pouf it up again.

You could also shave your head, then you would have no problems. In renunciation lies freedom. Attachments are best kept on one’s vacuum cleaner. (I like HEPA filters and those little crevice tools myself.)

Sweetie, listen to me: instead of contemplating “the hair problem,” you should be meditating on your own true nature. Trust me, that reality is a lot kinder than the one you’re living in. I have been there, done that, and ain’t doing it tomorrow, fashteht?

Loving you as you.

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