Hi ,

Am Preethi D, Born on 26th April 1981 at 9 PM in Bangalore, India,

Please let me know abut My husband will be caring, handsome , wealthy with no health issues, and my Fortune. Answer:

Dearest Preethi,

How do you visualize your husband to BE?

visualize-your-husbandDo you see him of being healthy handsome caring and rich? Then you have All ready set in motion all the forces of the Limitless Universe to manifest just that in your life.  You are the Creator of your own life by your thoughts and E-MOTIONS, so be-care-full how you think and what you feel.  Never Settle for anything less from what you deserve and as a perfect spiritual being you deserve the best and settle For nothing else but the best.  Think of only POSITIVE thoughts, feel only POSITIVE UPLIFTING feelings about your Husband to be and you will manifest just that.  By doing the above you will never ask such a question again because You NOW know that you are having what you are already attracting in your life.

Eimaste always

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