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Stavros Santis together with a select group of select trainers and NLP Practitioners team up to provide you with a cutting-edge NLP Institute in the heart of Larnaca Cyprus. Stavros over 15 years of studying and training in the field of NLP*, make him a superb trainer with a diverse background from which to learn the art of NLP*. After training with many different trainers and teachers around the world, his real world experience, both on stage, conducting seminars, as well as with personal clients, will lead you to the results you want!

But don’t listen to us! Here’s what others have to say:

nlp-cyprus-stavros-santisStavros Santis sales workshop was great! In the short time he was here, we were not only entertained (he uses props and stories to teach). I was concerned that our sales team would be a “tough crowd”; but they were surprisingly open and receptive to his ideas and method of training. We had the opportunity to present him with questions and have him cater solutions and ideas for our collective sales and marketing issues. He didn’t have us sit and listen to re-hashed sales tricks. It’s not his style to present pre-packaged solutions, but instead gave us more of what we were specifically looking for: ways to overcome cold-calling fears, ways to remain motivated (without having to think about it– just automating this process was very fun), and he allowed us to express concerns and issues that we, as a sales team didn’t know we were feeling together. This allowed us to work together and increase sales! Thanks again!

Dear Stavro,
Thank you for your input and creative ways of approaching life personally and professionally. Your knowledge and experience with NLP is obviously broad and quite extensive. I recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to listen and learn from your training or workshops should take advantage and be ready for a positive life changing event!
If others will take advantage of your training personally (and professionally), they will not be able to help but be successful.

“I highly recommend Stavros Santis of NLP Miracle Seminars Group.  He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few centers licensed through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming*.”

“Stavros is one of the brightest up and coming young stars in the study of human nature known as NLP*.  He is continually learning the newest and most amazing skills while still having the ability to be AMAZED.
I recommend Stavros courses to anyone who wants to learn to continually enjoy life more and more exquisitely.”

Dear Stavro,

I want to let you know about the effect that you and the NLP Practitioner Program have had on my life. You taught me to broaden my thinking and grow into some extremely powerful tools. Working with you over those months caused a beautiful change in me. I am now in greater control of my mind and the effects of my mind. Now, I can use the tools you taught me and see immediate change in other people. The payoff for me is greater trust and confidence with almost everyone I meet and with my current friends and clients.

Proof is in the actions, right? So, here’s a simple example. One of my business partners called me on the phone. Stress was causing insomnia. I asked her if she could see a picture of the stress in her mind. She could. By changing the picture, she reduced the stress. I could hear her breathing rate slowing and her voice getting sleepy. I had her blow freezing air onto the picture and freeze it. I explained that as the ice crystals began to melt, the picture would also melt. She could see the stressful colors dripping off the canvas. I told her that she could replace the stressful picture with one she wanted. Funny thing. She stopped sounding sleepy and began sounding energetic but not stressed. Two days later, she told me that she’d used the process again and had gone right off to sleep. So, now she can energize herself or go back to sleep anytime she wakes up stressed. And I can thank you for teaching me how to be creative working with submodalities.

I learned from you, Stavros, that I don’t need to micromanage my business presentations. You showed me that the knowledge and wisdom to Wow people are already within my capabilities. Now, when I bound onto the stage to make a presentation, I have a simple list of the points I’m going to cover. How I cover them . . . well, that’s up to the audience. Working with you is always a delight and a true learning experience!

I am thanking you for a wonderfull weekend. You and Dom have opened my world to new possabilities, and I’ve started to use the skills I learned to help my self and the people around me make better and more powerfull decisions.

Thanks Again

Dear Stavro

Success often leads to other success and that has been exactly the case since my participation in your NLP Practitioner Program. Those skills I learned there and the insights I experienced during the course of those few short weeks sometimes felt as if I were coming home from a long journey and often as if I were remembering something from childhood that I had only recently forgotten. Few “educational” experiences have left me with skills so immediately useful not only in my day-to-day business dealings but also in my personal life.

Whether you regard NLP as a tool for personal change or a toolbox for more effectively dealing with a variety of business situations and personal relationships, the results are clear, positive and also, sometimes pleasantly surprising. In the weeks and months following our course, many long and deeply held limiting beliefs began, without effort or work or stress on my part, to appear unnecessary. And so it continues to go.

I highly recommend the Practitioner training with Stavros to anyone who is simultaneously interested in achieving the next level of focus and effectiveness while discovering that learning and growth can be joyful.

“Taking the NLP*Practitioner training with Stavros has definitely proven to be a major asset in my personal development.  The skills taught in the training have definitely helped me to succeed in my personal life as well as my professional career.  My interaction with people is so much more interesting and exciting.  Since my first encounters with Stavros and NLP*, I have also ‘magically’ become the manager of a bank with no banking experience!  I am forever grateful to Stavro for helping to get rid of old habits and learning to live life to its fullest with the expectation of nothing but success and happiness.
For anyone wanting to make a change– I truly recommend taking the Practitioner training with Stavros, but only if you are really excited about becoming a force that waits for no one and enjoys all that life has to offer.”

Stavro helps me revere the things that really matter. Throughout our sessions, he subtly points our my absurdities, that I held on to for so long, and helped to uncover the impish grins they had. And Stavros usually sports a grin that teeters on laughter, because he’s having fun and his laugh makes me laugh as he loosens my grip– one by one– off my dying insecurities.

I attended Stavros seminar on hypnosis, July 11 and 12.  I encourage you to attend any of their seminars, and I assure you that learning what they teach will be an invaluable investment in yourself.
What I got out of the seminar: A dazzling introduction to hypnotic techniques.  Increases in musical ability, a noticeable burst of physical strength and health, and a greater enjoyment of my close relationships.  Hypnosis is also a wonderful new hobby I enjoy.  I think about the seminar every day.
Stavros as trainer is relaxed and laughing, genuinely enjoying and valuing his work.
What you will get out of it:  Enhancement of yourself and your abilities in an infinite variety of ways.  Stavros training shows you how to augment anything you do, and will enlarge your sense of what is possible.  If you have read about hypnosis and were intrigued, these seminars will change the way you experience the world.   I know you will be surprised at what you can do so easily, and learn so quickly.

I recently attended one of Stavros seminar on Hypnosis: An application for getting more of what you want.  I was very impressed by the way the class was handled, not only did I learn much more than I would have ever expected out of a two day class, I had a lot of fun.

Stavros has a true belief in everything he teaches, and it really shows in his classes.  It’s refreshing to have an instructor who is still excited about what he’s doing as he was when he first began.  I would recommend NLP Miracle Seminars for anyone looking to learn NLP, as you broaden your horizons.  I’ll never look at conversations the same way again!

“It is an injustice to describe my experience during the Licensed Practitioner Program with Stavros in a few lines.  What I will say though is that it is, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever done for myself, and for those who have and continue to cross my path.  Stavros exuberant teaching methods awakened and metamorphosized the “me” I so longed to become.  Life is infinitely more enjoyable!
The skills acquired through NLP* and the Licensed Practitioner seminars have enhanced even the most minute aspects of my life.  Participating in the Practitioner program with Stavros is sure to be a life changing experience, GUARANTEED!!”

“When I met Stavros in the Summer of 2007, just for fun I offered to analyze his handwriting!  Now since he was skeptical of how much one can tell about a person through such a process, he tried to hide his true personality by masking his own handwriting!  I looked the handwriting over and thought he was schizophrenic!  It didn’t seem like the “real anybody.”  When we laughed through the first results, and the skepticism, he told me he had changed his writing style because he didn’t believe I could tell much from handwriting!  So he prepared another handwriting sample, this time with his real handwriting!
I discovered to my genuine delight that not only was he very stable, but that he was also emotionally open, flexible, highly intelligent, confident, persistent, and also genuinely interested in other people’s ideas.  He sports amazing focus and behavioral flexibility like few others I’ve ever met!
In addition to the above experience, he happens to be one of the most gifted NLP* Trainers I’ve met. Stavros is naturally charismatic and hypnotic, whether or not he’s in an NLP mode, so he’s wonderful just to converse with;  plus he’s so facile with his NLP* skills, one simply cannot tell where normal communication ends and NLP* begins!  That is– as it should be– and it represents an ideal model from which to learn, in my opinion.
I’m really pleased to call Stavros a friend and a colleague, and I highly recommend any trainings of his you might take the opportunity to sign up and attend one.  Or more.  I mean, if I know Stavro at all, he’ll give a lot more of himself and his skills in an NLP* training than one pays for… and I suspect you, like Stavros and me, love a Great Value!”


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