The Hand And Diseases

Be the guide of useful Hands is the true method to be learnt from this science. When a person enjoys radiant, wonderful health but is careless to maintain it, he should remember, Nature never forgets and never forgives. Health is the main criterion of life. If health is maintained, all other offshoots of life like wealth, love, happiness, etc., can be enjoyed; otherwise, life becomes a hell.The Hand reveals your health through the study of all Lines in general but of a few parti
cular Lines for a detailed and specific analysis. Every Line and sign plays an important part in indicating the diseases and their time and duration.

hand-map-hand-readingWe shall deal with this aspect of life in detail through a careful study of the Hand and readers are advised to be careful before announcing a definite result.

Health Peculiarities

The type of Hand should be judged from the predominance of the Mounts and the subject should be classed as being a Jupiterian, Saturnian, Mercurian, etc. The following basic points should be kept in mind:

1. Jupiteians: The Jupiterians are most happy go lucky persons, lucky and of a sanguine temperament. They are good drinkers and voracious eaters and are bound to suffer as a result of such habits. Their tendencies are sensual without being vicious, are bilious in nature and are subject to gout.

2. Saturnians: The Saturnians progress in their life slowly and steadily. They are faced with obstacles, delays, impediments to realise their ambitions or to achieve their goal. So they worry much and consequently suffer from chronic melancholia which may at times develop into insanity. They are also subject to biliousness, accidents and varicose veins. The major parts of the body to be affected are feet and legs through accidents which may cripple them and consequently they may lose the use of their legs and feet.

3. Apollonians: The solar subjects are denoted by the predominance of the Mount of the Sun. Such people enjoy full and well balanced health. As the Sun is hot, they are of a rash temperament, free, bold and straightforward. But their eyesight is affected and. may at times cause blindness. Fire accidents, death at a place far off from their birthplace, palpitation of heart, sun stroke, etc., are the diseases to which a Solarian may be subject.

4. Mercurians: The Mercurians remain nervous, rapid in movement and thus possess a bilious temperament, Their weak parts are the liver and the digestive organs. So diseases connected with them will affec t them. Accidents to arms and hands are especially denoted. If the Mount of Mercury is afflicted, then due to their rapid movements, accidents to legs are also indicated.

5. Martians: When the Mount of Mars has predominance, the person is known as a Martian. They are decidedly of a rash and sanguine temperament ; such persons have much blood and are very rich too. Their faces are
red and their habits are apt to over excite their characteristics and to bring them loss of blood, apoplexy, skin diseases, inflammation of inner organs, wounds and/or violent crimes.

6. Venusians: Venusians are connected with love and passions. They are strong in health but are of a nervous and sanguine temperament. The main troubles of such persons are disappointments in love affairs and as such derangement of the generative organs they may also suffer f rom slow blood poisoning or syphilis. Venusian women face difficulty in child bearing and suffer from diseases connected with it.

7. Lunarians: When the Moon has predominance over all other Mounts, the persons are called Lunariens. Such people are calm, slow workers and are of a lymphatic temperament. They are not hardworking and have poor blood. These people can be in the grip of insanity, paralysis, convulsions, epilepsy, subject to drowning, kidney and bladder disorders, as also to womb troubles. gout, rheumatism and grave intestinal diseases.