Palmistry And Professions

The most difficult task in astrology is to fix a person’s vocation for which he is best fitted. This is a vital question of the modern age when there are numerous vocations, the classification of which is a most tedious and difficult job. The waste caused by education in the past must be prevented in the future. It is palmistry and professions the duty of parents to guide their children in this matter it is an established fact that there are no two Hands of an identical pattern, not even of twins. so everyone differs from the rest. Individuals have their own tastes, thoughts, likes and dislikes, character, talents, etc. The talents of a Person are to be judged from his Hands and his vocation is to be guided and decided by an expert palmist.

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Reading and analysis of Mounts are very important for the location of vocations. The Mounts reveal the habits of the subject and indicate factors which govern the subject and

mould his life. So first of all, it should be borne in mind that an individual is dominated not by one Mount. There is a ruling Mount and its apex and a secondary Mount which are to be fixed carefully.

Multi-ethnic group portraitThe Three Worlds: The three worlds are judged f rom the phalanges of Fingers. The first phalange indicates the mental world, the second the practical world and the third the material world, as shown in Fig. 1. These will indicate in which world the qualities of the Mount will operate predominantly. If the first phalange be longest on a Finger which is also the longest Finger, the qualities of the mental world will predominate. Such a vocation should be considered in which mental qualities of that type are valued and required. But when the second phalange is found longest, the subject is best suited for a vocation where the practical or business type can be utilised. In case the third phalange is found well developed, the subject should be placed in the more ordinary occupation of the type where much mental development is not required.

Fingers: Fingers are to be judged carefully to locate the leading Mounts. Fingers can be long short, knotty, etc. and of square, spatulate, conic or pointed tips.

1. A spatulate tipped Finger of a Mount will be stronger than other tips.

2. Square, conic and pointed tips will be next in this order.

3. Mounts of the Moon, Mars and Venus do .not have their Fingers and are to be judged by their size and the extent to which they bulge into the Hand.

4. Long Fingers indicate love of details, slowness, precision and care in small things.

5. Short Fingers denote quickness of thought and action, impulse, impatience with details.

6. When the Mounts are f let, the length of Fingers will often give you a clue to locate the leading Mount.

7. Knotty Fingers, are to be noted specially as they add special strength to the Mount.

With the above guidelines, we have to choose the leading and secondary Mounts and accordingly indicate the profession.

The Jupiterian

A Jupiterian is a subject in whose hand the Mount of Jupiter is found distinctly predominating or ruling over all others. It does not mean that he has been born under Jupiter.

A Jupiterian is a combination of good qualities like ambition, leadership, religion, honour, Jove of nature, pride and dignity. A Jupiterian Hand is almost circular in shape, Palm and Fingers are of equal length. He is a subject of graceful looks and moderate height, strongly built of solid flesh, not fat.

A good Jupiterian is a good leader or ruler, administrator, engineer, doctor, business manager or politician.

A bad Jupiterian has soft hair, short nose and big mouth with a thick, large lower lip, big tooth and loud voice. They are scandal mongers, rogues, drunkards, addicts. Street women and girls all are influienced by the bad Mount of Jupiter.

Mount of Saturn

When the Mount of Saturn is large and the apex centrally located, the Finger of Saturn is large and other Fingers are leaning towards it, such a subject is called a Saturnian. A high Mount is not generally found but other indications are enough to locate a Saturnian, provided there is a strong vertical Line on the Mount. Some of the wisest of men and also some of the worst criminals have been f ound to be Saturnians.

A Saturnian is tall, thinly built, has a dark complexion, a bony and pale body, deep set, piercing eyes with profuse growth of hair on the eyebrows. His hair is thick and dark, black, straight and hard. He has a long face, prominent chin, lean and long neck, long arms and high shoulders.

The Mount of Saturn should be studied carefully whether it is prominent or not.

We can distinguish a Saturnian by his wisdom, sobriety, sadness, superstitions and gloom. He avoids society. The Saturnian can be successful in such vocations as brick laying, pottery making, masonry, plumbing. Also as a farmer, miner, coal, junk or grain dealer, property owner, land, real estate dealer. No doubt that Saturn is a planet of darkness, but all minerals under the control of Saturn like lead, uranium, kerosene, petrol, etc., are found under the eartia.

But a subject having a poor Mount of Saturn will find a low grade vocation.

Mount of the Sun

When the Mount of the Sun or Apollo is found as a leading Mount and its apex is in the centre and is of good size with a good vertical Line or star and a good Apollo Finger and other Fingers are leaning towards the Sun Finger, such persons are called Apollonians.

Apollonians are handsome, of medium height, average build but with a muscular body, clear complexion, fine and firm in texture. Such subjects have rosy cheeks and are attractive. Thick, wavy black hair, fine and silky in quality. Broad forehead, almond shaped eyes with long lashes curling up at the ends. With finely shaped and straight nose, musical and resonant voice, a well proportioned and symmetrical body.

With such graceful appearance and good manners, such subjects are very successful in life.

The vocations suitable for the Apollonians are of an. artistic nature, such as music, sculpture, designing, decorating, manufacture of beautiful things, painting, archittecture, composing, rug and landscape desigining.

Mount of Mercury

A high bulging Mount with the apex in the centre, and a large long Finger of Mercury (length up to the centre of the first phalange of the Finger of the Sun) with the other Fingers leaning towards it indicates a leading Mount of Mercury. These are known as Mercurians.

They are of short stature, compactly built, trim in appearance, tidy looking, with forceful expressions of countenance, regular features, oval face, smooth, f ine, transparent, olive body colour. A high, bulging forehead, not thick eyebrows but a regular, fleshy, thin and straight nose, strong, muscular neck, large chest and well developed.

The characteristics of Mercurians are shrewdness, industry, quickness, business ability and scientific attainments.

Vocations best suited for them : medicine, science, law, business. Can be good schemers for burglaries, bank robberies, etc. Will be successful in scientific and medical pursuits, make good diagnostic laboratory assistants, will have good judgement and intuitive power, will make a good medicos, chemists etc. Can also be good writers, engineers, lawers, orators.

Mount of Mars

There, are two Mounts on the Hand, Upper and Lower, The Mounts can be identified when well developed and bulging out at the side of the Hand ano into the Palm as well as forming a pad. When the Mounts are absent, they form a hollow at the side of the Hand.

The Martian is a very important type as it represents physical strength, with force of character and mental strength. Such subjects are good fighters. When the Mounts are deficient or absent or are of a lower type, they become violent and jealous. Such persons are of medium height, strongly built, smart and of handsome appearance. of round face, red in colour stiff hair, sometimes curly, bold eyes, thin lips but the lower one is a bit thick, straight and low eyebrows over the eyes, long and straight nose and a commanding voice.

The main characteristics are aggression, resistance, courage, calmness.

Mount of the Moon

The Mount of the Moon or Luna found but, going outwardly at the side of the Hand and also forming a good pad in the Palm of the Hand. No Finger is assigned to this Mount, but a vertical Line found on the Mount will increase the strength of the Mount. Like phalanges of Fingers, the Mount can be divided into three worlds, the topmost third is the mental world, the middle third is the practical vorld and the lower third is the material world.

Such subjects are tall, fleshy, lower limbs thick, large feet, stout build, not strong muscles, and of white complexion. But such persons have a weak heart action, prone to anaemia, kidney trouble and often to dropsy.

Lunarians are blessed with imagination, fancy, mysticism, coldness and selfishness.

Mount of Venus

In such cases, the, Mount of Venus will be high and full, showing either a pink or red colour, whi le the other Mounts are flat with the exception of other secondary Mounts having prominence other than flat Mounts. It is identified as a Mount as it bulges prominently on the Hand to a greater extent than the Mount of Mars or the Moon. The subject will be said to have a Venusian Hand.

Venusians are attractive, handsome, graceful and easy in manners, of medium height, graceful curves from head to toe, skin, pink, fine and velvety to touch. The face is round or oval, no high cheek bones but are well rounded and often show dimples when they smile. Perfect contour, high forehead, abundant hair, long, silky, fine and wavy. Eyebrows are well marked with graceful curves and well pointed at the ends. The eyes are round, brown or dark blue in colour and have tender expressions.

The main characteristics of Venusians are love, sympathy, music, grace and passions, Always full of attraction for the opposite sex, pleasure loving, have charm, grace, good manners, sympathy and love for humanity at large.