What is Scientific Hand Analysis?

Scientific Hand Analysis is a technique that allows us to get an objective view of ourselves. By carefully analyzing the whole hand including; the hand structure, the fingers, the skin, the resilience of the mounts, the flexibility of the hands, and the length and quality of the lines on the hand prints, we are able to identify the character traits that assist you in having a “positive” life experience and those that do not. There is no guess work and no psychic pretense. In fact, all of the information we give you is verifiable. In consultations, we talk about concrete things such as: are you detail oriented? Are you able to focus on one thing? Can you commit? Are you overly critical, rigid or tactless? In short, hand analysis is a science that allows us to get an instant personality snap shot of ourselves.

Don’t I already know myself?

The truth is that most people do know their strengths and weaknesses to some extent. What they don’t know is how seriously it impacts their life or which trait is affecting them more. They may also not necessarily be aware of the steps to take in order to make things better. Our consulting services are designed to fill these gaps.

Hand-Reading-GuideWhy do my hand prints need to be taken?

Hand prints are essential because there are many details that become visible only when professional prints are taken. Your hand prints are a documented record of your personality at this point in time.

Will you predict my future?

Absolutely not! We believe that each person has the free will to live their life as they want to. Why let someone guess what your future holds when you can create the future you want? Our objective is to show you which personality traits to work on so that you can make proper use of your free will and create the future you desire. The Torah teaches that prayer, repentance and charity can change even the worst decree.

Will my hands really change?

They certainly will. However, results differ with every person. It depends on how much effort you put into working on your specific issues. Please take a look at the example below to see how hands can change.


Do orthodox rabbis really approve of hand analysis?

Yossi Benperlas is the only rabbinically approved, scientific hand analyst in the world today. Rabbis have given him ‘the green light’ because Yossi helps people remove personal blockages to success by teaching them which specific character traits they need to change. The hand is used as a diagnostic tool to understand personality and that’s it – no predictions, no guesswork and no psychic pretense.

Yossi has performed consultations for several orthodox rabbis in the Los Angeles community. Pleased with the results, these rabbis are now recommending members of their community to Better Thyself.

In fact, Ashkenazi and Sephardic Dayanim (the rabbinical authorities who declare Jewish law in our times) who are part of the Los Angeles and Jerusalem Bet Din (court) have given Yossi their stamp of approval. Out of respect to these great rabbis, we have decided not to publicize their identity in order to avoid inappropriate use of their names by the masses. Please contact us personally at (310) 553-HAND (4263) if you would like their names.

I do not live in the Los Angeles area, can I still have a hand analysis consultation?

Absolutely yes! You can have a hand analysis consultation and most of the services we offer without leaving the comfort of your own home. Here’s how it works. For example: to have an initial consultation, go to the Services page and pay for it online using your credit card (or send us a money order in US funds). As soon as we get the payment (usually 2 days), we will mail you a hand printing kit. Send us your prints and we will immediately prepare a tape recording of the session to be mailed back to you with a copy of your hand prints. After you have heard your tape, call for a 15 minute phone conversation with Mr. Benperlas and ask any question you may have about your session.

How can I get a free follow up consultation?

For a limited time, Better Thyself is offering a special promotion where you can get a free follow up consultation. A follow up consultation is typically done three months after the initial consultation in order to see how your hands have changed. Its purpose is to help you stay on track. Once you have had your initial consultation, you are entitle to a free follow up session if you refer seven friends or family members (within that three month period) for a hand analysis consultation. You will need to keep track of your referals. When you are ready to come in for your free follow up session, we will check each name on your list and verify that they are Better Thyself clients, and that they were, in fact, referred by you. It’s that easy!

How do I get my FREE Hand Analysis CD?

The Hand Analysis CD is a brief introduction into Hand Analysis. The CD presents a mini-analysis of three hand prints including; a husband and wife. It explains how one can benefit from a hand analysis consultation by identifying and removing personal blockages to success. To get your FREE CD, go to the CONTACT US page and fill out the form with your name and complete address. We will mail it for free across the United States and Canada.