Hand Analysis and Health

For centuries medicine has recognized the link between palmistry and health. Modern medical researchers have confirmed this link. I have prepared for you a list of the health attributes that are attached with the particulities of a person’s hand

Earth hand = means that a person is susceptible to bowell or intestine problems.

Air hand = denotes nervous tension and lung problems.

Fire hand = represents accidents and heart problems.

Water hand = it indicates allergies, nervous system and psychological problems.


Thick palm = a thick and/or well padded palms denote a robust constitution.

Thin palms = a thin and/or fragile hand indicate a fragile constitution.

Markings on the fingertips = short dashes may indicate stress, while short vertical lines may indicate hormonal problems.

Islands on heart line = when it is beneath saturn, it may indicate hearing defects.

Laddered heart line = when it is beneath the apollo finger, it may indicate a calcium imbalance.

Star on the line = a star on a heart line may indicate heart problems.

Keratoses = may indicate organ disease or degeneration.

Diamond = a diamond attached to a life line may indicate gynaecological problems.

Tasselling = tasselling of a head or a life line may indicate energy problems.