Palmistry The Lines of the Union

Marriage is a sacred union of two hearts in India. Every care is being taken by the majority of people to select marriage partners through horoscopes for a happy and quiet married lif a. Little importance is being paid to the Lines of Union commonly known as ‘Marriage Lines’ on the palm, as they are consideredmarriage line  minor lines. But they should be given greatest importance, as they relate to the union of the sexes upon which the fabric of society is based. In the eyes of God, such a connection even if not sanctioned by society or sanctified by ritual’ is equal to marriage and has nothing to do with liaisons, amours and all those affairs of the Heart which are read from other signs and marks found on the palm or Mounts and Lines.

There are four places on the palm from which marriage is to be read, namely:

(i) The Mount of Mercury. on which Lines are found running parallel to the Line of Heart.

(ii) Lines rising from the Line of Life and running down the Mount of versus.

(iii) A cross on the Mount of Venus.

(iv) Lines coming from the Mount of the Moon and touching the Line of Fate. These should not cut it and should not at any place be crossed.

Palm Reading Marriage lines

If none of the above Lines and signs are found on the hand, the palmist should not say that marriage would not take place. He should only state that there is no sign of marriage at present. It is a fact that Lines appear, change and disappear, and it would be cruel to tell a young person that he or she is not destined to marry.

palm reading marriage linesMrs Saint Hills says: ‘Mercury lines are found on the hands of many persons, yet so many remain unmarried. Again, there are several of these lines present on hands and most people are married but once. So these lines are attachment lines and show attachment to individual persons of the opposite sex, serious love affairs, the course of which can be judged by the deviations of the lines. The lines of marriage are found on the Mount of Luna and by taking them together with lines of Mercury, we can come to a very accurate conclusion on the important point.’

The above observations are quite weighty. it has been seen that there is more that , one Marriage Line but people marry only once, whereas in other cases, the presence of these Lines did not bring about a marriage. This leads us to the conclusion that the other parts of the palm as enumerated above are also to be examined to f ind  out with whom marriage would come off. So no sign or Line should be disregarded on the Mounts of Luna, Venus and Mercury.

The Line on the Mount of Mercury should be fairly long, clear, well traced and should reach the cent, e of the Mount. Shorter lines do not indicate marriage, they indicate only an influence of the opposite sex which will not bring about a permanent connection. These Lines of Mercury do not fade and should be read on both Hands.

On the Mount of Mercury and between the base of the fourth finger known as the finger of the Mercury, a Line or Lines parallel to the line of the Heart are called lines of the union, henceforth called lines of the marriage.

A good line of the marriage is the line cutting the percussion horizontally and penetrating (not very deeply) the centre of the Mount of the Mercury; the line should be longer, clearer, deeper, free from the breaks, crosses, islands, etc. Such a line denotes a happy and long union of marriage. Short lines imply deep affection for the opposite sex.