Chiromancy and Physiognomy are two distinct sciences. Chiromancy means physiognomy of women reading Fate through Lines or Palmistry and Physiognomy Means judging character by face.

Physiognomy is said to have originated in India. It travelled to Iran, Rome, and France successively. After that, this science was taken up by America and Britain. All countries have made further research into this part of science.

palm-reading-for-womenIt is believed that the body of a man or a woman consists of 32 parts. Beauty is Nature’s gift and is being admired by everybody all over the globe. Everybody wants a wife beautiful of countenance in this material world. Modern youth believes in facial beauty, charming eyes. good height, etc., which, in the opinion of the author, are only superficial things.

Our sages have pronounced in a clear way the good and bad qualities of the various parts of the body of a man and those of a woman.

Following the law of Nature, we find that temperament and habits of a woman vary from one individual to another and likewise the body parts. If equality had been maintained by Nature, then all women either would have been beautiful or ugly, fortunate or unfortunate but that is not so, Beautiful women are rich as well as poor, whereas ugly women are also rich as well as poor. So the measure of beauty does not lie in material things but in a proportionate body and body parts, which we shall now dis
cuss in detail.

1. Height

The average height of the women makes her beloved of her husband and such women are well versed in household duties and perform them well.

2. If a women is too tall, such a woman is not so sexy.

3. If she is short, she is happy go lucky, quite sexy, fond of the pleasures of the bed, sweet hearted and is fond of music.

2. Heir on the Head

It is an accepted dictum that a woman should have long hair of a dark colour because long hair is looked upon as a symbol of beauty.

1. When a women has shoulder length hair, it indicates that she is self praising, envious and jealous.

2. If the colour of hair is red, the woman is of a harsh temperament, quarrelsome and illnatured.

3. If the hair is black and curly, she is lucky and wealthy.

4. If it is thick and hard, thick and rough or short, it is a sign of bad luck.

5. When the hair is soft, silky to the touch, thin, dark, very long even upto the knees and smooth,, that is an indication of beauty and good luck.


1 . When the front part of the head is straight, she is lucky.

2. If the head is round like that of an elephant, it indicates that such a woman will be lucky and lead a comfortable life.

3. If the head is long, such a woman will be of a questionable character.

4. If the head is round like a circle, she will be unlucky.

4. Forehead

The forehead of a woman is the part of the body which gives a firsthand impression of a woman and should be analysed as under:

1 . When the forehead is long and broad, she is unlucky and may be the cause of death of her father in law.

2. A high forehead is auspicious for a woman, indicating good luck and prosperity.

3. If the forehead is long and the veins are visible, the woman has loose morals.

4. If there is red and standing hair on the forehead, it portends ill luck.

5. When the forehead is covered with hair, that indicates a selfish, fretful and mean mentality in a woman.

6. When the forehead is depressed in the middle, such a woman is jealous, having illicit relations with some and has ill will against others.

7. A lady having a forehead of a half moon shape, less hair, clear and shining and horizontal line is known as a lucky woman. Many have called such women abodes of Lakshmi.

5. Eyebrows
Another eye catching item on the face is the eyebrows. Disturbed, wavy, irregular eye brows do not appeal to the naked eye in the
first instance.

1. When the eyebrows are like a bow and the hair is soft, black and neither scanty nor bushy, that is a sign not only of beauty but also of good
luck and a strong character.

2. When the brows are wide, wavy and their colour is golden and are bushy, such a woman is not lucky, she is of ill temper, mean nature,
short sighted and narrow minded.

3. If the eyebrows are hairless or have scanty hair, it is an omen of bad luck.

4. When the hair of the eyebrows joins together, it is a sure sign of widowhood. Such a woman is wicked, untrustworthy and a cheat.

5. If the eyebrows are straight, lengthy, ill formed and reddish, with broken joints and thick, it indicates an unlucky woman.

6. When the eyebrows are curved and bent down on the eyelids, of black colour and there is soft hair of even thickness, it is a sign of a
lucky damsel. Such a damsel is wealthy, of pleasing manners, good nature and is endowed with all virtues.

6. Eyes

The sparkling eyes of a damsel attract everybody and are universally loved but the other. types of eyes are detailed as under.

1. When the eyes of a sweetheart are like those of a deer, i. e., they are big, restless, large, extended, shining with lustre, have dark pupils with red threads around, exuding smooth and pleasant radiance, that indicates perfectly beautiful eyes. Such a woman is lucky, of a domineering nature, respected and a leader of any society.

2. When the eyes are small, dull, gloomy, restless, grey coloured, round, slightly bent and blank and the shapes are like those of pigeons, elephants or buffaloes, they denote ugliness in a woman. Such a woman is shrewd, of loose ,morals and cannot rise in life.

3. If the eyes are red, she is passionate, a cheat and untrustworthy.

4. If the eyes are big, long, black, with a red line therein, they denote a passionate nature. Such a damsel is very popular in society.

5. If the eyes are black and round, she is very sexy.

6. If the eyes are drowsy, such a woman is fond of the opposite sex and has loose morals.

7. If the eyes are blue, she is untrustworthy, sexy and of loose morals.

8. If the sides of eyes are soft and the hair is black, it is a sign of good luck.

9. When the sides of eyes have scanty hair, yellow colour and ends are thick, it indicates ill luck.

7. Nose

Like eyes, the nose too has a special important tance in the face.

1. If the nose of a woman is like that of a parrot, she must be good natured, enjoy fame, be clever and a well wisher of her family.

2. A straight nose which is symmetrical in proportion and normal makes a woman beauti ul, wise, witty and diligent.

3. Women with a small nose are cunning, shrewd, mischievous and lustful.

4. If the nose is depressed in the middle, is small, long, the front part very high, crooked or very fat, then such a woman will be devoid of love and sympathy. She will be wicked, cruel, loose in character, hasty in action.

5. If the nostrils are fat and wide, the woman will be lazy, strong headed, proud and fond of a pleasurable life.

6. If the tip of the nose is small, the woman will pass her life as a slave.

7. If the tip of the nose is long, she will be of a harsh temperament.

8, If the tip is depressed, it is an ill omen for the longevity of her husband.

9. if there is hair on the nose, such a woman is unlucky, of loose character and shrewd.

8. Ears

1. When a woman has her ears long, a little flabby, soft, proportionate in dimensions, equal in size and appeal to the naked eye, that indicates that she will be lucky and will lead a comfortable life.

2. In case the ears are crooked, thin, unequal in size, the holes in them either too small or do not appear, it indicates that such a woman is unlucky.

3. When the lower part of the ear is depressed, that too makes a woman unlucky.

9. Countenance

Countenance means face. It is said that the face is an index of the mind, fortune and personality. Everything depends on the face, particularly in this material world. If the face is well shaped and a woman is beautiful, she is respected and regarded well everywhere.

1. If the face is round, soft, flushed red, smooth, fleshy, glamorous, lustful, the lady is considered fortunate even like a princess. She is respected, she is a good administrator, can control all situations with confidence. Soch a face is considered a beautiful face.

2. If the face of a damsel is like that of her parents, it is a sign of good luck.

3. If the face of a woman emits odour or is naturally odorised, it indicates wealth and luck.

4. If the f ace of a damsel is red in colour, she will be lucky and famous.

5. If t1he face is pale, the woman is of a questionable character and of loose morals.

6. If the face is white or has a reddish tinge, such a damsel is of a loving disposition.

7. If a damsel has a shining face of black colour, she can be classed as shrewd, a cheat and virile.

8. If the mouth of a damsel is too wide, it indicates her passionate nature. Such a damsel cannot be sexually satisfied.

The colours of the face referred to above are natural ones and as they appear when a woman is in normal health.

10. Cheeks

1. Red blood coloured, radiant cheeks are liked by everybody. If a damsel has round, full and red cheeks, it indicates good health and beauty and is a sign of prosperity.

2. When the cheeks are depressed, fleshless, skinny and have hair on them, it indicates illhealth and such a woman is considered an unfortunate creature.

3. Tempting cheeks which develop dimples while a subject laughs or talks are not at al I a lucky sign. Such a woman is considered whorish and sex ridden.

4. But if dimples develop on tempting cheeks only while smiling, they are indications of a woman being beloved of her husband.

5. Apple coloured cheeks do not presage a good character.

6. Black dots on cheeks indicate depravity and a loose character.

11. Lips

1. If the lips are red, thin, smooth, hairless, well shaped and of equal proportions, they are regarded as good. Such a woman is loved by her husband.

2. A woman with thin lips has longing desires and tenderness, is good in household work and, in addition, loves talking.

3. If the lips are black and thick, the damsel is given to luxury, is restless and likely to fall prey to temptations. She is sexy. This shape is considered unfortunate and such women tend to roam from door to door.

4. If the lips are heavy, drooping and thick, the lady may become adulterous and unchaste.

5. If the lower lip is of red colour and round and has a line thereon, such a damsel leads the life of a queen and is very lucky and wealthy.

6. If the lower lip is thick and of black colour, she is of a quarrelsome nature and may lose her husband.

7. When the lower lip is thin, long, broken and dry, it is a sign of ill luck.

8. If the upper lip is soft and convex in the centre and is devoid of hair, such a damsel is considered lucky and is full of passion.

9. If the upper lip is thick, has hair on it, is long and dry, it is a sure sign of loose character and shows that the woman is fond of the pleasures of the bed.

12. Teeth

1. When the teeth of a damsel are white, lustrous, shining, pearl like, of equal size and sixteen in number in each set, they indicate a fortunate damsel.

2. If the teeth are big, long, crooked, unequal, high and low, dirty or blackish in colour, they destroy facial beauty. Such a woman is unlucky and unworthy of being married to anyone.

3. If the number of teeth in the lower jaw is nore than those in the upper jaw, it is an unlucky sign.

4. If the teeth are ugly, such a woman is aslo not lucky.

5. If there is distance between the teeth and they are not evenly placed, that denotes a damsel of loose morals and nefarious habits.

6. Grinding of teeth in sleep is a bad omen.

7. Black gums instead of red are a sign of ill iuck.

8. Teeth like those of a rat are not considered good or lucky.

13. Chin

1. A round, smooth, soft, symmetrical and proportionate chin is a sign of luck for a damsel.

2. When the chin is heavy, fat, protruding, conic, out of proportion and not round, it denotes a woman of short temper, of hasty action, haughty, not clear at heart, secretive, harmful, self centred, of a scheming nature, with the habit of fault finding. Such a woman is not lucky as she gets into trouble all her life.

3. If there is a pit in the chin, the woman should be cheerful, lovable, kind hearted but would be unlucky as far as wealth and happiness in life are concerned.

14. Tongue

1. A red coloured tongue indicates a lucky girl.

2. if the col our of the tongue is black, such a woman will be quarrelsorne, jealous, hot tempered and envious.

3. If the tongue is of white colour, the subject does not maintain good health.

4. if the tongue is rough and abrased near its tip, it denotes a woman of a quarrelsome and wicked nature. She is a backbiter, talkative and generally remains gloomy for no apparent reason.

5. A too long tongue indicates an unlucky woman.

15. Nock

1. A smooth, conch like, not very long neck adds beauty to a woman. This type of neck is called a Surahidar neck.

2. A long necked girl is not lucky.

3. A fleshy and cushion like neck is a portent of widowhood.

4. If the neck is too short, it denotes childlessness.

5. If the neck is like that of a deer, she is very popular and beloved of all.

6. If the neck is small, fat and wide, the nature of such woman will be bad and she will engage in malevolent and mischievous actions.

7. If three wrinkles appear on the neck, a woman is blessed with sufficient ornaments, and will have wealth and good luck.

16. Breasts

Women with proportionate, round and wellset breasts are regarded as an asset to the family and society.

1. If the breasts are round, hard, veiny, well proportioned, of moderate size and equal, such a damsel will be the soul of the family and society; she will be respected, loved by her husband, and be passionate and sexy.

2. If the breasts are fat, disproportionate, narrower at the end from their root, or one breast is heavy and another light, such a girl is not lucky. The later part of life of such girls will be full of troubles, wants and turmoils.

3. if the breasts are long, hanging up to the belly, it indicates widowhood.

4. But when the breasts are longer than normal and full of flesh, it indicates too many children.

6. if the breast on the left side is higher than that on the right side, more daughters will be, born to her.

7. If the upper part of the breasts is depressed, large, narrow, rough, flabby and loose, it indicates a woman of vengeance, retribution and she will do evil deeds.

8. When the breasts are high, the lady is lucky.

9. When the breasts are high and broad, she becomes a Widow.

10. If the breasts are of red colour, that denotes a very sexy nature and the woman is never sexually satisfied.

11. If red veins are found on the breasts, such a woman is lucky and will have good a children.

12. If the breasts are very small, such a woman is sexy, adulterous and unlucky.

17. Nipples

1. If the nipples are dark red in colour, round. beautiful in shape, the woman is sure to be blessed with a son.

2. If the tips are different in shape and size, fat at the top and thin at the bottom with hair, high and low, they are important but such a woman is not lucky.

3. If the tips are hard, small, and squeezed, the woman will lead a comfortable life.

4. If the tips are full of flesh at the roots and soft, such a woman will be pious.

18. Voice

1. A sweet and kokil like voice is God’s gift. Damsels gifted with such a sweet and pleasing voice are generally good natured. loving and attractive.

7. If the upper part of the breasts is depressed, large, narrow, rough, flabby and loose, it indicates a woman of vengeance, retribution and she will do evil deeds.

8. When the breasts are high, the lady is lucky.

9. When the breasts are high and broad, she becomes a Widow.

10. If the breasts are of red colour, that denotes a very sexy nature and the woman is never sexually satisfied.

11. If red veins are found on the breasts, such a woman is lucky and will have good a children.

12. If the breasts are very small, such a woman is sexy, adulterous and unlucky.


1. A sweet and kokil like voice is God’s gift. Damsels gifted with such a sweet and pleasing voice are generally good natured. loving and attractive.

2. A harsh and rough voice which is repugnant to the ear indicates a quarrelsome, wicked, cunning and shrewd woman.

3. A woman with a man like voice is unlucky,

4. A woman who while talking moves her eyes and breasts to and fro, remains happy in the company of men.

19. Palate

The palate in Hindi is car led Talu. This is a place above the tongue and behind the top set of teeth generally found red in colour.

1. A woman who has a palate soft and of red colour is very fortunate.

2. If its colour is white, the damsel will be like a queen or a good administrator.

3. If the colour is black, such a woman will be quarrelsome, leading a miserable life.

4. If its colour is yellow, such a woman will be a cheat, a liar and also wicked.

5. If the palate is fleshy, her wealth will be wasted.

20. Arms

1. Straight, hairless, soft and fleshy, well shaped and chiselled, and proportionately built arms generally belong to a lucky damsel.

2. If the arms are hairy, hard, stiff and small, the woman is unfortunate.

3. If they are short, the woman is unlucky.

4. If the veins are clearly visible on the arms, the woman will lead a miserable life.

5. When there is thick or bushy hair and the quality of hain is rough and thick, it indicates widowhood.

21. Shoulders

1. A damsel having straight, not too long, short and fleshy shoulders is termed lucky.

2. When the shoulders are crooked, fat and hairy, they are an indication of widow hood and ill luck.

22. Hands

There are many types of hands like those of men, which have, already been detailed. We shall here discuss some specific points about hands.

1. Extraordinarily long hands of a woman denote ill luck and may lead to widowhood.

2. When the hands are beautiful, soft and delicate, they are a sure sign of a wealthy and lucky woman.

3. Rough, unequal, crude and dry hands indicate misfortune and a life of struggle.

4. If there is a sweating in the hands, the indication is of ill luck. For a fortunate woman, there should be no sweating.

23. Belly

1. Not too wide and high, proportionate and symmetrical, soft, smooth, hairless, not very large these are the main specifications of a belly which make a damsel attractive and popular.

2. When the belly is long or high, hairy, bulging or protruding, such a woman is very unlucky and doomed.

3. When the belly is too short, the woman will not bear a child.

4. A long belly is an omen of ill luck.

5. If the belly is very short and soft, and the veins are visible over the same, it denotes that the woman is fond of sweets and is very sexy and passionate.

6. When the belly is like a drum or a pitcher, life will be miserable for that woman.

7. If the belly is like the belly of a deer and blue veins are visible thereon, it is a sign of a lucky disposition. Such a woman will be a good administrator.

24. Umbilicus

Umbilicus is the medical name of a part of the body. We can simply call it the navel, the central portion of the belly.

1. If the navel point is deep, beautiful, the woman is popular and is beloved of her husband.

2. If the navel point is broad, fleshy but not very deep, it denotes that such a woman is beautiful and quite lucky.

3. If the navel point is raised a bit from the right side, it indicates the woman to be like queen and will lead a comfortable life.

25. Fingers and Thumbs

Here we shall discuss Fingers and Thumbs in general only from the physiognomical point of view, The details have been discussed
elsewhere in this book.

1. When the Fingers of a damsel are long, thin, soft and conical, she is lucky.

2. Women whose Thumb is weak and thin with knotty Fingers, the Fingers thin in the middle and fat at the tips marry only for the sake of wealth and not for love or family concord.

3. If the Fingers are small, broad and spatu late and on the back of the Fingers there is hair, it indicates an unlucky disposition.

4. When the Thumb is supple or bends backward and the Fingers are smooth and pointed, the woman is very particular about her dress, self centred and of a conceited nature.

5. When the Fingers of a damsel are thin and pointed, it will make a woman very passionate, sexy and she will be like a social butterfly.

6. If the Fingers are short and curved and there is space between them which allows light to pass through when closed together, that denotes a life of struggle.

7. When the first and second Fingers of a woman are long and conical and the third and Fourth Fingers are specially long and curved, it indicates gambling instincts.

8. If the Fingers and Thumb are short and f at, they indicate a stubborn nature.

9. When the third and fourth Fingers in a woman’s Hand are a little curved and the Thumb is weak and thin, her will power will also be very weak.

10. When the Thumb is small and the Fingers are conical, the woman will be very faithful to her husband, clever and fond of animals.

11. If the Thumb is small and the Fingers are square, such a woman will be of an analytical nature.

12. If the Thumb is broad and the Fingers are square, then a woman is mischievous and of a quarrelsome nature.

13. When the Fingers are crooked, small, rough, uneven, flat and/or of a bad colour, such a woman is unlucky.

26. Waist

1. When the waist of a lady is fat but small, it indicates her loose character; she is fond ,of good dresses.

2. A waist like that of a tiger is best. It should be narrow, well formed, not too small nor very large or fleshy. But it should be smooth and hairless; that is a sign of beauty. Such a woman will be popular, the cynosure of all eyes and fortunate.

3. If the waist is bent, big, flabby, hairy, rough and crooked, then the lady will be wicked, peevish, shrewd, unfortunate and may marry more than once.

4. Hair an the waist indicates an unfortunate woman with a loose character.

27. Thighs

1. The thighs should be straight, round, taparing like an elephant’s trunk, hairless, fleshy, not bony. Then such a damsel will be lucky, brave and kind hearted.

2. When the thighs are broad and hairy, it indicates poverty and a life of struggle.

3. If the thighs are fat, very hairy, disproportioned, thin, skinny, such a woman will be unlucky, even sickly.

4. If the junction of thighs and the trunk of the body are broad and hairy, the husband of such a woman will be in trouble. Such a woman willhave a roaming nature.

28. Hair on Body

1. When the hair on the body of a damsel is standing and hard, she will tend to be a slave.

2. If the hair is curly and even, she will be lucky.

3. If the hair is scanty, thin, small, straight and broken, the woman will become a widow.

29. Back

1. When the back of a women is fleshy and the long backbone is not visible, it indicates that such a women will be lucky and wealthy.

2. If the back is bent and full of veins, it is a sign of bad luck.

3. If there is hair on the back, it is an indication of widowhood.

30. Knees

1. When the knees of a damsel are fleshy and round, it indicates that she will be fortunate.

2. If the knees are not so fleshy, the woman will have a roaming nature.

3. When the knees are raised and strong, it is an indication of poverty.

31. Calf Muscles

I If the calves of a woman are tapering, round, fleshy and hairless, it indicates that such a woman is pious, religious and will do good deeds.

2. If there is hair on the calf, it is a sign of ill luck. She will work as a servant.

3. When the calves are flabby and disproportionate, that is a sure sign of ill luck.

32. Ankles

1 When the ankles of a women are fleshy and round, they promise a fortunate life.

2. If the ankles produce a sound when they get rubbed against each other while walking, it denotes widowhood.

3. If the ankles are broad and disproportionate, it denotes bad luck.

33. Hoofs

1. When the heel of the right foot is high and f at, the woman is lucky, will have children and also a good disposition.

2. If the heels are broad, they denote a shortlived husband.

3. If the heels are fat, fleshy and lustrous, such a woman is of loose morals, a cheat, wicked and unfaithful. She is also proud.

34. Feet

Feet are the major indication of the character and luck of a woman.

1 . While walking, if the full foot falls on the ground and all toes touch the ground, it is a good sign.

2. In case the third and fourth toes do not touch the ground, such a woman may become a widow.

3. Big, disproportionate in length as compared to the body, rough, hard, hairy and sweating feet are an indication of bad luck.

4. The best and beautiful feet are of red colour, well formed, not very fleshy, of medium size but those tend to make the woman proud, daring and successful in life.

5. if the toes of a woman are soft, round, fairly raised and closely set together, that is a sign of good fortune.

6. If the toes are crooked or broken, the woman is of a deceiving nature.

7. If the toes are short, the woman will be short lived,

8. If the feet and toes are fat, the woman will be unlucky and a servant.

9. If the toes are wide apart, such a women may kill her husband and take another man.

10. During walking, if a cloud of dust is raised, such a woman becomes the cause of the ruin of her family.

11. When the first toe is longer than the big toe, she is self willed, licentious and of a domineering nature.

12. If the second toe is longer then the big toe the woman is unlucky, a source of worry to others. One should not marry such a damsel.

13. If the second toe is equal in length to the f irst toe’ it i nd icates a wom an of a pa ssionate nature who may do evil deeds.

14. if the second toe is longer than the first, the women is wealthy and lucky.

16. When the third toe is long, she is of a loose character. If the third toe is too short and it does not touch the ground, she will become a widow. She will have children from her second husband. But if the same toe touches the ground, she isloved by many and is popular.

17. In case the fourth toe is equal to the second toe or is longer than that, it denotes that she will always be swayed by passion and be sex ridden from childhood to old age.

18. If the second and third toes are short, the woman will not marry at all.

19. If the big toe of a woman is red, she will not be held in esteem by her husband.

20. If all the toes are round, she will be the wife of a rich man and will love him with constancy.