How To Palmistry

Palm reading, also known as chiromancy or palmistry, is an ancient art still practiced throughout the world. It had its beginnings in Roma fortune telling and Indian astrology. The purpose is to asses or estimate a person’s character and or future by studying the features on the palm of their hand. Believe it or not, you can learn how to palmistry. Whether you’re aspiring to be a palm reading pro,  or you’re just looking for a way to astonish your friends, here’s how to gain insight just by holding someone’s hand.

how-to-read-palmsDespite its ancient history, palmistry is still very popular and is practiced among various cultures all over the world. A palm reading usually involves analyzing the formation of the fingers, the texture and the overall shape of the hands. Also considered are specific mounts on the palm, and of course lines and markings are taken into consideration. By studying all of these features, a good palmist will be able to describe detailed facts regarding your past, present,and future.

How to Palmistry – How Does Palmistry Work?

To most people, the concept of predicting the future comes to mind when palmistry is regarded.  By studying the markings and lines on your palm, an experienced palmist will be able to establish a clear link between your past experiences and your present personality, as well as noticeable incidents and certain behavioral patterns.  With a new found understanding of your character, the palmist will be able to steer you towards making encouraging decisions regarding your relationships, finance, career, and your overall future.

The Basics Of Palmistry

The most important aspect in palmistry is identifying your dominant and non-dominant hand. The dominant hand is your active hand or – to put it simply – the hand you write with. The dominant hand is believed to be a reflection of your present – your aspirations, expectations and achievements. The non-dominant hand is an indicator of your past – habits and incidents from your past and your hidden talents.

Next comes the lines and mounts in your palm. There are seven main mounts on the palm that represent the subconscious traits in your mind. These are the mounts of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The lines on the palm may be classified into major and minor lines. The major palm lines of life, heart and head indicate your degree of subconscious awareness. The minor palm lines – of Sun, Mercury, Saturn and girdle of Venus – are the indicators of your ability to effectively harness the hidden talents and untapped energies within you.

Each line or marking on the palm reveals vital information about your character, your past, present and future. The formation of mounts and shape of fingers also speak volumes about your inherent qualities. Palmistry also involves deciphering certain symbols like a star or cross that may be present in your palm. An expert palm reader does not limit himself to simply predicting your past, present and future. The palmist will also be able to transform your life by guiding you towards a better understanding of yourself.