There are a variety of ways to classify hands. The easiest way to do this is by how they look. The simplest way to distinguish hands is through the four fold classification: earth, air, fire and water. Through this observation we can begin to develop our subject’s basic psychological profile.

Earth-Hands-PalmistryWe look at the palm side of the hand to make the four fold classification. This is because the hand proportions look different from the back. Hold your hand up and look at it. The fingers look longer viewed from the back. Until the eye is trained, a ruler is handy. I use a sewing hem marker because it has a sliding pointer. This allows me to quickly compare one measurement to another. We measure and compare the length and breadth of the palm to see if it is a square or a rectangle. Then we compare the length of the palm with the length of the middle finger (usually the longest) to determine if the fingers are long or short. The palm length is measured from the base of the middle finger to the wrist. The width is measured from side to side at about the level just above the thumb.

The earth hand will tend to have a square palm and fingers will be short. Fingers three quarters of the length of that palm or shorter would be considered short. Some slight variation could be allowed (like from three quarters to seven eights on the palm length) if there are very few lines on the palm and it tends to be hard and meaty. It is common, though not necessary, for earth hands to be large.

The best traits found in the earth person are reliability, orderliness, tolerance and a constructive attitude. But on a bad day they can be insensitive, materialistic, domineering and over cautious. We look up to them for sober judgment and experience, but they may dislike change, have problems with adapting and can be loaners. With all their good qualities they are challenged by the needs for care in planning and to avoid tendencies towards wastefulness and abuse. They aspire for justice, supported by tradition and continuity and seek success in their chosen careers.