Dear Spirit,

My boyfriend doesn’t understand that I’m on a spiritual journey and refuses to pay the rent any longer unless I get a real job and stop volunteering all my time at the soup kitchen. What should I do?


The Spirit replies:

Confused, Darling, what did you expect? Sweetie, your boyfriend is not the deluded one here, it’s you. Listen to me: having a job is spiritual. Being able to pay the bills is spiritual. Volunteering at a soup kitchen is also spiritual, but not if you’re letting the rest of your life go to hell, you see? If you think you’re doing God’s work but rely on others to take care of you…the caretakers are the ones doing God’s work, not you.

Boyfriend-Doesn't-Get-ItThis is just a little trick of the ego. The ego says, “Look at me, I’m so spiritual, I spend all my time helping the poor.” Nu, so how about the poor slob at home who’s paying all the bills? Doesn’t he deserve your help? Darling, I know about this. When I had my awakening, I quit my job at the Motor Vehicles because I thought my time would be better spent meditating and giving teachings for the good of Humanity. But then, you know, I still wanted to shop at Loehmann’s to buy my all-red clothes like a proper renunciation should wear. My husband got a little upset with me. “You’re never home,” he said, “and you’re maxing out my Amex.” So I started charging for my public programs. Nu, what else could I do?

So pay a little more attention to your boyfriend. See him as God and revere him as an aspect of your own Self. And for God’s sake, get a job already.

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