If your friend is ultra independent, instinctively dislikes his superiors and tends to the political extreme. Look to the hand and see if it is square and the fingers are long. Remember, when measuring long fingers measure the middle finger and compare it to the length of the palm from the wrist to the base of the middle finger. Long fingers are usually considered to equal or exceed seven eights of the length of the palm. An air person’s fingers may be a little shorter if the square palm is well crossed with many lines including lines that run up to the little, ring and middle fingers. The squareness of the palm is determined by measuring its width, usually just above the thumb, against its length from the base of the middle finger to the wrist.

air-hand-palmistryThe air person shares a few characteristics with the earth person. They are both self starters, and there is a levelness in their emotions so long as they take care of their health. The air person substitutes discrimination for the earth person’s caution. Like the water person, the air person tends to have, or seize on, many interests. But he or she explores them in linear fashion. Air persons are more compatible with fire persons, admiring passion, rationality and linear logic. In the end, air persons comfort themselves with their constant new ideas and look mostly to others a sounding boards. Fire people, who readily respond to new ideas and clearly display their thoughts and emotions, make the best sounding boards.

These subjects can show skill in argument, theoretical ability and may be natural teachers. They have open and exploring minds. Air people need mental challenges and public recognition. In their desire to achieve fame and recognition they can be tempted to be deceptive, and indulge in plagiarism. If they are denied the path to their higher ideals, through harmony and truth, they are likely to become dull and fickle. Fortunately for the world and publishers, they seem to be the hand type with the smallest membership in my experience both in urban and rural settings.

Their free spirits would make them good owners of uncaged birds. While quick witted and companionable, they tend to distrust emotions, needing order in all things. These virtuosos like to discriminate and organize. They must communicate. Air intellectuals may be found amongst writers, psychologists, researchers and those scientifically inclined.