The Magician is the high-energy card of transformation. He takes life energy and transforms it into whatever he desires. When we look at the Magician, it’s vital that we remember that we are the Magician in our life. When we pay attention to something, we transform it, simply by giving it our attention/ energy.

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tarot-the-magicianOn the table in front of him, the Magician has the tools of the four suits of the minor arcana, which are the four elements. We’re composed of those four elements: earth, air, fire and water, as is everything on earth. The Magician is transforming the elements and manifesting his desires.

Meditate with the Magician

The Magician card has similar colors to the Fool. Both cards have a yellow background, enlivened with red. Try meditating first on the Fool, and then on the Magician. Spend a couple of minutes on each meditation. Write down how you feel before you start your meditations, and then write down your insights when you finish. What emotions are you experiencing now, compared to when you started?

When you meditate on the Fool, you may be inspired to let go of negative conditions in your life; perhaps you see that they’re no longer useful to you. Meditating on the Magician immediately after your brief Fool meditation may show you what you should be paying attention to in your life, so that you can enhance it.

Accessing the Magician Energy

Stand in the yoga Mountain Pose, like so: stand upright, with both feet hip-width apart, and your weight evenly distributed. Tuck your pelvis in. Square your shoulders, and imagine that a string is attached to the top of your skull and is gently pulling you erect.

Try to relax in this pose, but don’t let yourself slump or sag. Keep your eyes open, but lower your gaze and relax your forehead. As you stand in the pose, imagine that you’re connected to the center of the earth with thick, strong roots.

Stand in the pose for a minute or two, and then lift your right arm upward, so that it’s pointing up to the ceiling. Aim your left arm at the floor. Tilt your right hand, so that it’s palm-upward. Tilt your left hand, so that the palm is parallel to the floor.

Can you feel energy you’re pulling from the earth and from the sky? If you can’t feel anything, don’t worry, just stand in the pose for a few moments and imagine that you are. If you do yoga or Chi Kung, your ability to feel the life energies both within and outside your body will increase.

Relax back into the Mountain pose, and then perform the Magician stance again, but this time with your left arm upward, and the right downward. Feel the energies.

Relax. Write down your insights in your tarot journal.

Dialog with the Magician

The Magician can help you to use your creativity productively. Take out your tarot journal. Think of a problem that you have. Write the problem or question in your tarot journal with the date.

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine that you’re meeting the Magician. Visualize the tarot card as life size, and that you’ve stepped into the card. Take a few moments to make this real for yourself.

Talk to the Magician about your problem. If you wish, you can conduct the dialog as you write in your journal. Write your questions/ comments, and then write what the Magician says in reply.

Keep the dialog up for as long as you need to.

When you’ve finished, thank the Magician, then imagine yourself stepping out of the tarot card, and the card shrinking until it’s just a piece of cardboard again.