As a change from the Tarot, why not try reading candle wax messages? This is another example of how psychic communication can work in many different ways.

In my article “Forget Tarot Cards – Read Trivial Pursuit Cards!”, I mentioned that a member of the Psychic Club I attend had jokingly given another club member a psychic reading using a tablecloth and the condiment set upon it. This same member, together with some friends from another club, also managed to give a very accurate reading using a plateful of left-over salad!

candle-wax-readingAs a way of seeing for yourself how this is possible, invite a friend round and practise using whatever comes to hand. I am not suggesting you use your left-over dinner, but you may like to try the candle flame idea I mention in the article How Do Tarot Cards Work?”

The method is very simple, you simply light a candle and hold a sheet of plain white paper over the top of the flame, moving it gently from side to side so that the majority of the paper is charred by the flame. Obviously you need to be careful whilst doing this (one of our club members did set fire to her piece of paper!), but it only takes a couple of minutes.

Once you have the charred paper, sit and study it for a while. Clear your mind and let your imagination wander wherever it wishes to go. Objectivity is the keyword when giving any kind of reading, which is why most people find it easier to conduct readings for strangers rather than people who are known to them.

When you feel ready, simply begin talking. Look at the pictures formed by the flame of the candle and try to determine what these pictures mean to your subject. What you see doesn’t matter too much, it is how you interpret it that matters and once you start speaking, the results will come naturally. You will be amazed at how much you can find out just from a few charred marks on a piece of white paper.

You do not need to be a Tarot reader, or any other kind of reader, to try this experiment. Anyone can do it. We all have the ability to access the information stored in the subconscious mind of any other person on the planet, it is simply a matter of believing that it is possible, although those who do not believe will find it practically impossible to see anything on the sheet of paper other than burn marks, whereas someone with a more open mind will see a lot more.

With just a little imagination you should be able to think of countless other ways to obtain a reading for someone. Enlist the help of your friends to act as guinea-pigs and see how many you can find. Remember, what you use is not important, it is simply a matter of how you interpret the results.