Empress-GendronQuestion 2 ”Could you please tell me if my husband and I will be able to have a child? We both have children by previous marriages and have been trying for one of our own. Nothing seems to be happening.” (Debbie)

There is no physical reason for your not conceiving. It looks as if stress could be playing a part – work-related in your husband’s case and baby-related in yours! Sometimes worrying constantly about not conceiving can actually stop it happening. All this is academic in your case, however, as in just under a year from now you should have a brand-new baby daughter. In fact, I see two daughters altogether, with a very small age-gap between them. The cards were very definite about this, incidentally and tell me that the most likely time of conception is mid-July, around the 14th/15th of the month. I have also been given the name Melissa in connection with you, but I don’t know whether it relates to the baby or someone already known to you. I do however feel that it relates to a child.
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