As the Sun enters Virgo, we cannot help but ponder our works, our purpose, our role with those all around us. The Hermit, representative of Virgo in the Major Arcana, is atypical of the energy we usually see of a hustle, bustle industrious type of personality in our work-a-day world. It calls us to meditate upon our path, to seek the stillness and re-evaluate the services we offer to others and acknowledge our Inner Light.

It is interesting to note that the Hermit is from the Greek word, “Hermes”. The messages that can be received only through our own recognition and contemplation of those messages from deep within the Soul. Many of the ix-hermit-tarot-cardshistorical figures have sought solitude in the wilderness (of the psyche) to sort and find new paths of self-expression and exact meant.

You dress warmly, throwing a cloak over your shoulders to protect yourself from the gathering dew of night. Your wind-proof lantern will provide a Light unto your Path as you journey out into the quiet night. The moon, though visible, seems to lose itself in the mist concealed by traveling clouds and tall trees as you start out on your journey. It is but a mile and as your feet find the comfortable earth of a well-trodden path, you lose yourself in thoughts of other visits, other journeys, other moons of tranquility.

You arrive at the door, not sure where the time has gone – or what you were REALLY thinking of as you pass wrestling trees and the watchful eyes of nocturnal creatures. A nearby owl inquires as to “whoo” approaches… You smile deep inside as you tap on the door. The figure of your friend, Virgil, bustling with his apron on, bids you inside. The aroma of freshly baked bread fills the air as he offers you a sip of wine. The home/workshop combination of a bungalow rests after a day of busyness. All is in order for the next day’s work. The table is neatly set with pottery thrown by hand, welcoming.

He asks if you noticed how clear the path was tonite – or the new canoe by the creek – or the family of otters preparing for the cold… You smile and nod – having noticed none of these things. For you noticed more, the contentment of existence, the peace at day’s end, the quiet walk of a man with his God to the home of a good neighbor…


A messenger arrives at your door, at your little retreat. He delivers an invitation to visit your friend for a late dinner. There is a bit of a chill in the air, darkness is falling…