Magician-GendronQuestion 1 ”What kind of work/career should I focus upon to best serve my purpose in this life?” (Dallas)

The cards I have drawn for you suggest strongly that you are best suited to working from home. You have a skill or talent which can easily be utilized in this way and this seems to involve the world of publishing, or possibly research of some kind. I feel you are probably already aware of what this career is – it is clearly something which you enjoy doing. There seems to have been some disappointment recently connected with it, but the future will bring new and better opportunities and you will feel more in control of this part of your life. Although it may not seem so to you at the moment, things are moving in the right direction for you career-wise and I don’t feel you need worry about this area of your life. The only advice I would give is that you try not to let your emotions and everyday troubles affect your work.

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