The tarot cards are used in different ways in ancient India and Egypt. The Egypt locally called it ‘gypsy’ and it is believed that gypsies are finest solution for future reading. There are many more literarily evidences of tarot cards are found from different part the globe. In maximum cases the use of tarot cards are oriented with divinatory purpose. The manuscripts and images that are found in the Death-tarot-cardstarot cards – help the historians to solve different misty of history. They suppose to be a kind of ancient publication that got more popularity due to their amazing uses.

Tarot cards game became an addiction in the past history of Europe and Latin. The historians find many documents about the relationship between the playing cards and tarot in Future reading. The Christian culture in Europe belief the tarot cards reading as one of the most important future prediction for any individual. In Switzerland in 1367 historians succeed to get some strong evidence about the use of tarot cards. We find more and more information if we use the history of playing cards to find the history of tarot cards. There is a confection about the use of tarot cards in Islamic country. They strongly dislike future prediction. The decision about life and death is not made by a human being and death tarot cards are still a misty. With the help of a death tarot card one can fine himself as one of the greatest fool of the world.