“I have been studying the Tarot for some time now and it finally seems to be coming together for me. I still am having problems interpreting the Court cards – are there any tips you can give me to make them easier for me to read? Blessings, Gypsy ” — GYPSY of SCRANTON

Answer: A lot depends on how you view the Court cards – i.e., whether you are using them purely to represent people, or whether you are also using the meanings in a wider, more general sense.Interpreting-Tarot-Cards-Yourself

It may be easier for you if for now you concentrate purely on the physical attributes associated with each Court card, then once you have committed these to memory, you can begin to bring in the personality traits which the cards also represent.

You should also bear in mind the fact that different decks attribute different physical characteristics to the Court cards, which can be very confusing for beginners and even established readers.

If you intend using the Court cards to represent people, you should decide on the characteristics you wish each one to represent and stick to them, even if you change your deck. The cards will adapt themselves to whatever you decide.

I am currently working on a Report dealing entirely with the Court cards, which will be available on the site when it is completed. The Report deals with the use of Significator cards – how to choose the correct one, what each Court card means in terms of a Significator, and so on. It will give detailed descriptions of each card and I am sure you will find it very useful.