Aspects of The Smoking Habit

1. Chemical Addiction
2. Habituation
3. Psychological Dependency
4. “Possible” Withdrawal Symptoms
5. Solution to “Thinking” About Cigarettes
6. Hypnosis is – A Normal Natural State
7. The Program is 90 Minutes Session
8. Full Hypnosis Information

quit-smoking-hypnosisChemical Addiction

Tobacco contains a liquid alkaloid nicotine
It is a CNS stimulate
It mimics neurotransmitters and blocks receptor sites
It causes a release of adrenaline
It blocks sensory receptors in large arteries, tongue and skin


the Smoking Habitual

Smoking while drinking coffee
Smoking while drinking alcohol
Smoking while talking on the telephone
Smoking while writing reports/working
Smoking while reading
Smoking while watching TV
Smoking after meals

Smoking & Psychological Dependency

To manage stress
Like a close friend-comfortable/familiar
To deal with loneliness
To feel stimulated/creative
To extend fun/pleasure

“Possible”  Withdrawal Symptoms
(Because You Smoked, Not Because You Stopped!)

Craving for nicotine
Tingling sensation or numbness in arms/legs (improved circulation)
Light-headed or dizziness *
Lack of concentration *
Headaches *
Coughing (cilia cleaning lungs)
Uncomfortable feelings-jitteriness, depression, tension, frustration, irritability

Source of uncomfortable feelings

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Feelings associated with change

* Increased supply of oxygen to brain
Solution to “Thinking” About Cigarettes/Tobacco

These recommendations are designed to be implemented along with the hypnosis program
Listen to your audios daily
Drink a lot of water; 6 glasses of water between meals
Instead of substituting sweets–stick cinnamon, plastic straw, celery, carrot sticks, sugarless gum and sugarless candy:
Become more physically active
Accept responsibility for thought
Say “I refuse to accept that idea any longer, tobacco is no longer a part of my life”
Take two (2) deep breaths
Reward yourself with non-food treats
Substitute low calorie foods in meals
Refocus or redirect  your attention/thoughts
Ask support/encouragement from friends, co-workers, family
Seek new activities to break old habits
Keep light reading materials at hand
Eat lots of fresh acid fruit: oranges, grapefruit, apples, etc.  Whole oranges are best, especially at breakfast.  (Use for at least the first 4 days)
Increase time spent in places where you can’t smoke
Open special savings account
Avoid places for a period of time where you might be tempted to smoke

Use baking soda (it’s high in sodium, however, so first check with your doctor, especially if you have hypertension/high blood pressure)  Use it to:

Brush your teeth in the a.m.
Dip your finger in dry soda and apply to your tongue, letting it slowly dissolve
Drink 1 tsp. soda in an 8-oz. glass of water twice a day if desire persists
Wear a rubber band loosely on your wrist to remind yourself that you are a NON-SMOKER, healthy, clean and free
Avoid juices, beer, wine, hard liquor (at least for the first 4 days)

Some folks have used the following for help (REMINDER: we are not medical physicians, we can not prescribe any medication, we can only tell you what others have told us works for them)

Vitamin C
Vitamin B complex (Taken 3 times a day for 10 days)
Vitamin E (200IU).  Take if you feel hyper or unstable.  It will lower your blood sugar.  No more then 800 IU daily.
-OR- Stress Tab 500 2 tablets–morning, noon, evening and bedtime–for 3-4 days, then begin cutting back as vitamin and mineral deficiency is handled

Worse thing you can do is:   TEST IT

Smokers smoke  NON-Smokers Don’t

Before a crises, plan ahead–Know that you have a strong personal commitment to become a non-smoker.  (What is your commitment?)   Read daily your reasons for becoming a non-smoker.

Write on a card and carry it with you—the most important reason you would not want to return to smoking
Decide on a different way to deal with feelings

Select a “crisis” companion

Plan group relaxation periods
“I am now and forever a non-smoker/tobacco free NO ifs, ands, buts, maybes, conditions I am finished with this habit–PERIOD!!”

Reach a point of decision commit to the decision follow-through on the commitment–FREE

How long will the process take?  Depends on your own learning speed (we have to establish new habit patterns in subconscious) and strength and motivation

Hypnosis is – A Normal Natural State

Nature of the Mind

10%             Conscious (perception/awareness)

Decision making
Judgment passing

90%             Subconscious (Behavior/Performance)

Storage of  memory/habit
Functioning of major organs

Waves of Electrical Energy (EEG) In The Brain

Beta:  14-28 cycles/sec  (fully conscious)
Alpha:  8-13 cycles/sec (somewhat suggestible)
Theta:  4-7 cycles/sec  (very suggestible)
Delta:  3-5 cycles/sec  (asleep-not suggestible)

The Program is a 90 Minute Session

The program deals with all 3 aspects of smoking, the chemical addiction, the habituation, and the psychological dependency.  Many programs address the chemical dependency, but few, address the psychological aspect.

These specialized techniques were developed over a 7 year period with an 84% success rate among more then 5,000 clients by the Westerman Stop-Smoking Clinic in San Diego, CA.

During the program, smokers are taught how to interrupt the destructive habit patterns and eliminate the nicotine craving.  We then teach them how to identify a positive experience that produces a natural high.  Hiking in the mountains, catching a prize fish, or an exciting vacation can produce that kind of feeling.

Later under hypnosis, these positive experiences are programmed into the person’s memory.  If the desire to smoke should occur, the person can consciously focus on this pre-selected pleasant experience and it will be reinforced on the subconscious level.

When a person’s conscious desire to stop smoking is reinforced by the subconscious, it overcomes the person’s addictive belief that they cannot stop smoking.  Since this method impacts the subconscious (the behavioral level of the mind), one does not have to depend  only on sheer willpower; so consequently, is the easiest method to become smoke-free.

There are 2 Hypnosis audios that are included in the package (1 of the audios can be personalized made during the session which addresses your particular habit patterns.)  These audios are used to reinforce those new non-smoking patterns until the subconscious is fully changed.  This is what makes this process so powerfully effective easy and quick.

In most cases there are few if any withdrawal symptoms and no negative side effects.  Hypnotherapy is considered to be the most effective way to quit smoking.  It has been endorsed by many organizations dedicated to smoke-free lifestyle.  This smoking cessation program is currently being offered in nearly 40 cities across the U.S.

What this means to you is that you will experience the most pleasant, relaxing and easy method to stop smoking.

Your investment in the program is 200 EUR.  This includes the 90 minute session, your packet of materials, reinforcement audio and any follow-up sessions for 1 year.

Each client is given two cassette recordings to be used as reinforcement at home.  Telephone follow-ups are also available; this also contributes to the success of the program.

Listen to the audio upon awakening before you start your day.  This gets your day off to a great start.  Do this for a period of 30 days in order for the new non-smoking habit to become firmly established.

Each night for 14 nights, listen tot he audio as you go off to sleep.  Listening to the audio will relax you and give you a deep, restful sleep.

To overcome occasional desire that may occur from time to time, use the audio at least once a day for 30 days.  DO NOT USE IT WHILE IN A MOVING VEHICLE OR WHILE OPERATING MACHINERY.

Only about 5% of the people seen ever need follow-up sessions.  If this program wasn’t successful, we’d be covered up in re-dos.

WEIGHT GAIN is addressed because we do not want a person substituting one habit for another.  Some programs treat everyone generically, ours is individualized.

Find out more about Quit Smoking with Hypnosis in Cyprus or online – Click HERE