You’re very young and exhibit an uncanny talent say, for a visual art, playing a musical instrument, or learning a foreign language. This is unprecedented in your family; but to you, somehow, it just felt natural. It was more like remembering  rather than learning for the first time.

You’ve just met someone; yet, you recognize them, almost like an old friend. This person seems open, and so together you begin to explore the numerous possibilities of where or when your paths may have crossed only to conclude – they haven’t ! Strange, because you seem to know each other so well.

You’re busy concentrating on nothing in particular, or, perhaps on something meaningful. At any rate, out of nowhere, you experience a flash of memory. A different time. A different place. A different you, but you none the less. You know undoubtedly that it was you in the experience yet, how could it be? Everything else was so different. But it was you. Yet? You shrug it off and go about your day. Something inside you is churning. You need to understand this. You must!

remembering-past-livesHalf a century ago, occurrences such as these were little recognized and almost never spoken of openly. For a lack of understanding and, consequently, fear, such things were vigorously repressed and condemned. Acts of the devil, you say! Insanity, you say! Or, in the case of a prodigy, an act of God!

The Western world we live in has great difficulty recognizing (to say nothing of honoring) that which it cannot see, hear, taste, touch, smell or measure. All effect must be traced precisely to a measurable cause and rationalized to be accepted. And yet, when all the dissection is complete; the instruments have been cleaned and sterilized, and the results of the experiment have been analyzed, objectified, quantified and reported, who or what explains that vast portion that remains unexplainable?

The answer lies within each and every one of us. In fact, all of the answers to all of the questions about all of our lifetimes lie within our subconscious mind.

The subconscious, that vast universe within that speaks to us in our dreams, jars us from our complacency now and again with an unsolicited recollection from an unknown time, and tweaks our sixth sense with an impression of the as yet unperceived.

The subconscious mind: the storehouse of memory carries forward the impressions of the millennia from the inception of our soul through all of our incarnations to the present, and will go forward with it’s accumulated knowledge even after this physical envelope has been discarded in death.

Now that we have an idea of what the subconscious is, how can we tap into its’ wonders? Certainly, there are a variety of ways, but the quickest and surest among them is hypnosis.

Before you begin to question my sanity for writing this article and yours for reading this far, at least take a moment to find out just a little bit about hypnosis. After all, you’ve been guided to this page for a purpose; well, here it is. To set your mind at ease, let me assure you that you will NOT be rendered unconscious, nor will you surrender control to someone else and act foolishly. Your subconscious mind will simply not allow it; it is your personal protector. What you will do, however, is focus your concentration; and, in so doing, open your subconscious mind to suggestions provided by your guide (hypnotherapist) based upon your previously agreed upon goals and objectives for the session.

In regression work, these goals are generally to discover the experiences and lessons of an earlier time that are still impacting our spiritual and emotional growth and development today. In the light of understanding, we can then reframe these events, and break the bonds of negative karmic patterns. Then, and only then, does it become possible to realize a new freedom to make more intelligent growth enhancing choices.

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