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  • Do You Want to Get Rid of That Problem
  • Fed up with being out of Control
  • Tried to make your life Better…and Failed
  • Do you make your self miserable
  • Messing up your Relationships
  • The Kids Have Your Bad Habits
  • Over Weight Drink or Smoke To much
  • Stress Fear Anxiety Running your Life
  • Stuck in a Failed Relationship
  • Not enjoying sex anymore

Stop… Now you Can Turn Your Life Around.

I will teach you to experience much more pleasure in your life. You can be slimmer, lose weight, stop smoking, reduce your stress, get rid of your fears and anxieties and enjoy life again.
Remember what it was like to feel good about your self and laugh…..You can have it back.

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hypnoanalysis-cyprusFrom one of the best hypnosis practices in Cyprus

How can he clam all this?

Ok For the past 30 years I have studied and practised and mastered hypnosis, self hypnosis and NLP. So when you come to me you will not be dealing with a newby, some therapist who has drifted into Hypnosis,Hypnotherapy or NLP. You get someone who is passionate about there work, and very experienced in making life long changes in clients.

When you came to this planet…no one gave you a users manual for your brain. It is yours.
Your parents did not have one or the people who cared for you. They did not know how you work….I do. So we can make fast change and wipe out the old problems.

Many of your habits and beliefs are not yours…they are someone else’s. You were programmed by other people. During this stage they taught you very useful habits, and some bad ones.
It is not there fault. and you may have done the same thing to others.

Some times we get stuck at a stage of our emotional development, you know someone who is fine most of the time, but at times behaves like a 5 year old. You may know someone close to you who does this, they flip in to being a child. Maybe you.

All that has happened here is one of your old habits is stuck…it just needs a nudge to allow you to grow up in this area. Hypnotherapy and Hypno analyses is a great tool to allow you to make this change in your life and calm back a part of you.

Analytical Hypnotherapy (Therapy )

Hypno-analysis is one of the best psychological therapies around. It is a method of Hypnotherapy that is non-invasive and yet extremely quick to resolve problems in a matter of weeks. Inexperienced therapists or those who lack the necessary training may take up to 16 weeks to experience change with. Real Smart Hypnosis is different.

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Problems that may have been with you for years are easily removed and more useful habits are learnt. Analytical hypnotherapy allows your sub conscious mind to learn to let go of misunderstandings. Things that you lacked the emotional experience to deal with in the past, but you do have the understandings to deal with now.

Typically after a course of Analytical Hypno-therapy you will feel.


  • That your life has become better .
  • You have removed a huge weight from your shoulders.
  • You see things clearer.
  • You feel happier with your self.
  • Bottled up emotion has gone.
  • You have more Life
  • A weight has been lifted from your shoulders

Fast and Effective Therapy from Real Smart Hypnosis


There is a myth out there that hypnotherapy will uncover all manor of repressed emotions associated with sexual abuse. Those who lack the knowledge will tell you that your unconscious mind is a pit of dark secrets…..BULL.

Most of your repressed emotional memories are of every day things.
If you have ever been around children you are well aware of the emotional changes they go through during a day. From love to hate in an instant. These are the usual repressed emotions that we deal with. Every day things, not getting a lollypop. Feeling left out.

So what happens if it is not

We fix it.
In all the years I have been doing therapy I have had only about 6 clients who had this kind of repression.

If your problems are making you unhappy, depressed miserable, overweight, fat, unhealthy, messing up your relationships , costing you your life. Your choice.
There is no reason why you should put up with something inside yourselves that at the moment is outside your control.

Provided you are willing to devote some time, money, effort and self-discipline to be free of your problem.

The use of hypnosis dramatically speeds up analytical hypnotherapy, and you will achieve similar results in just a few weeks to those expected from a more conventional three or four year course of therapy. (some of my clients have flown in from the USA to achieve this)

Your current problem is not untreatable. and the problem isn’t silly. If it is affecting your life, then it is worth you doing something about it.

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NLP Miracle offers you in Cyprus a highly effective and individual service in Hypnosis Hypnotherapy NLP from an exclusive practice in Cyprus.

Ensuring you get the results you want in the shortest time.

Now you have the opportunity to solve your problems and feel great in the process. You will experience a depth of relaxation, and pleasure that you have seldom experienced.

The process is easy, simple and very effective

Rapid results are achieved in all aspects of Hypnosis Hypnotherapy, NLP, Personal Development and Life Coaching, Reducing Stress, Weight Loss and Stopping Smoking.

Experience exquisite personal change from one of the oldest Hypnosis practices in Cyprus.

It’s time to design your life
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