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Hypnosis is the ability to access specific everyday trance states of mind. You are in a form of Hypnosis for most of your waking day.

hypnosis-cyprusWhen you are driving usually you are not conscious of your driving. You are in a hypnotic trance when you drive. The skill of driving has passed to your unconscious mind. It has become a habit. It would be true to say you have hypnotised yourself to be able to drive. You have used hypnotic training and become your own hypnotist.

Does this excite you? The fact that you already use hypnosis every day and already are very good at your own self hypnosis, you are already a hypnotist.

I can teach you to become much more exquisite at your hypno realities. And experience more joy and pleasures in your life.

It is just up until now you have also been using your own states to attract and manifest all the problems in your life. Overweight, feel bad, smoke too much, unable to control your habits, stress and anxiety making your life uncomfortable? Guess what?…….negative self hypnosis. If you do any of these you are all ready aware of the amazing power of hypnosis.

People sometimes ask “how real is a hypnotic trance and how deep will I go”
If they have a phobia of spiders, I can just ask how deep do you experience your belief that you are afraid of spiders when one drops on you. What physical and mental effects do you get when this happens?

Are you beginning to get the idea now? That you create your reality using your own self hypnosis and through the inappropriate use you make as an unskilled hypnotist.

You will often hear a myth that hypnosis is not dangerous. Bull……

It is the most dangerous force on the planet. When not used with the skill and knowledge as to how your mind works.

Just look at how many people kill themselves each year through lack of health,
excessive drinking, driving a car after using self hypnosis to believe they can drive under the influence of alcohol. They bypass their critical factor which is one of the effects of hypnosis and behave as if…. because it is to them. A deep self hypnotic trance, they have used the methods that a good hypnotist will use – highly effective self hypnosis.

How many people are killed on the planet each year because they “believe” something different, a different god or philosophy or just because we believe we are right and they are wrong……

How many people do you know who are unhappy with the life they have created for themselves?
Who each day torture themselves by what they say to themselves inside their minds and create fear and anxiety by going into the future and bring back memories of things that have not happened. And yet behave and experience emotions as if they were happening now……this is a deep example of negative self hypnosis.

This is the power of Hypnosis.
You get the idea?


hypnotherapy-cyprus‘Hypnotherapy’ is the use of hypnosis for specifically chosen therapeutic outcomes.
You pay me to teach you and create changes that you want to experience in your reality. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis, self hypnosis and NLP.

The only hypnosis that truly exists is self hypnosis and when experiencing hypnosis the hypnotist uses their hypnotic skills to guide you with your approval to deeper levels of your own trance. We are guides and like all guides the client must choose to follow.
And like all guides we have been there before and lead the way. This is why an exceptional hypnotist will go deeper into a self hypnotic trance than you are in. There we can slow down time and calibrate to the most exquisite levels to get you the results faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

An exceptional hypnotist will teach you how to escape the trance you have been in most of your life.

Part of my joy in being a hypnotist is in teaching you how to become aware when you are on autopilot and reclaim your life.

Naturally occurring trance states can easily be altered. And amazing trances can be learnt.

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A skilled Hypnotherapist is trained to teach clients how to access and utilize these states to bring about your desired change.

In more advanced Hypnosis you are taught to manufacture states that you have never before experienced. Building new feelings that have never before existed in your body.

Seems magical ….. Yet you do a very similar thing, when you hypnotize yourself to create feelings in your body of something you have never experienced that may or may not take place in your future and feel bad. Usually called worry or fear.

How you think and feel on a regular basic will change and affect your life. We are largely creatures of habit. And creating wonderful habits creates a wonderful life.

Have you chosen which habits will get you the life and experiences you want?

If not you will continue to behave like you have been in the past, and you will get the same results from the same behaviour. So let’s change your old behaviour into something that increases the passion and joy and fun in your life.

As an exceptional hypnotist I will use my hypnotic skills to allow you to experience the most wonderful changes in your life, and as you practice and develop your own skills you will get the results you want in your life.

It’s not rocket science – Unless you change how you are -You will get the same results.

So choose how successful you are going to be.

And lets get you the future you deserve.

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