Workaholics: Stop Making
Us Look Bad

It’s weird, huh? An article about workaholics when you know most workaholics won’t ever read it. You know why? Because they’re working!

Workaholics spend almost all of their day at work. They would be living there, but company policy doesn’t allow beds in the office…only small leather couches. And you know how uncomfortable those couches can get.

But back to the topic: Work addiction can be a serious problem. Workaholics spend upwards of seventeen hours at work, working. The only time they’re not there is when they’re sleeping and driving to and from work. Others will even take work home, sometimes forgetting that sleep is necessary for the body to function properly.

Why Are People Addicted to Work?
workaholic-addictionIt’s crazy huh? Most of us can’t wait until the end of the day, when we can escape the dungeon that we call work. Others don’t mind work, but it’s not something they would spend their free days doing. So then why is work so addictive?

Some believe the office is a great place to hide. You can hide from yourself, from your partner, from your children, and from the demands of your life. If you live a life in which you’ve set unreasonably high standards, working long hours helps you avoid the pain of a low self-esteem.

Others work for their families. They work so that they can put food on the table, a roof over everyone’s heads, and a little extra cash for toys, treats, and vacations. They’re working hard so that their family has things they might not have had as a kid. Unfortunately, many of these people forget about their families because they’re so caught up in their work.

Are You a Workaholic?

Do you constantly bring work home?
Do you work seven days a week?
Are you always in need of goals to reach?
Do you know the names of your children? Do you know how old they are?
Do you have a problem if you cannot reach your goal?
Do you think of work even when you’re away?
Do you give up spending time with your friends and family to work?
Do you worry about problems that arise at work?
Are you afraid that something bad will happen if you’re not working?
Do you live to work?
Do you know what a vacation is? Have you taken one before?
Is your self worth based on your work?

Tips for the Workaholic
If you’re a workaholic, keep these things in mind:

Pace yourself: Did you know that most workaholics stop being workaholics when they burn out? Burnout is the leading affliction affecting workaholics, leading to a string of absences and poor quality work. That may lead to an eventual job termination. So keep your job by working less (i.e. an average work day—not your average work day).

Get some exercise: Set aside about an hour a day to exercise. That means running, walking, swimming, whatever gets your heart going. No, turning in that report late may get your heart going, but it’s not exercise (typing doesn’t count either). Besides, you’ve probably spent over ten hours a day in that chair. Moving around will give your legs something to do for a change.

Keep your work at work: Do you know why homework is called work? It’s meant to be done at home. Do you know why work is called work? It’s meant to be done at work. Keep your work at the office. It’ll still be there waiting for you tomorrow.

Personal Days are for you: That’s why they’re called “Personal Days.” They exist so that you can take some time out for yourself. Use them. If not, at least use your days off (normally, people work five days a week) for yourself and your family.
Work to live, don’t live to work: Work allows you to provide for your family. Remember that. You’re working so that you and your family can lead a comfortable life. If anything, live for your family, not work.