Lately, there seem to be addictions for virtually everything. You can get addicted to food, love, sex, gambling, coffee, work, shopping, and even the Internet. Recent technological advances have made everything so much more accessible, that now whatever we fancy, we can have in a matter of minutes (or at least overnight).

Of course this freedom and technological wonder comes at a price (but everything seems to come at a price, doesn’t it?). People can get all that they want, but many are unable to control themselves, often spending a lot of time and a lot of money doing what they want to do, neglecting everything else in life. That is when an interest in something becomes an addiction.

addictions-typesAddictions can become major problems as virtually every other aspect of the addict’s life is neglected. Ever hear about the mother of three neglecting her three young children because she was spending her time online in chat rooms? Or how about the teenage boy who shuts himself up in his room with the computer turned on? He’s most likely not doing homework from school.

Most addictions will need to be treated, or else problems may eventually develop: Spouses will leave, schools will expel, and employers will fire. Eventually, all the addict will have will be their addiction. You don’t want that, do you?
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