“When our first grandson was just two years old, we travelled to Texas to visit him. We had not seen him since he was just one month old, so ,as you can imagine;it was quite enjoyable. Our son was stationed overseas in Korea at the time, so our daughter-in-love (not a typo) was at their home minding the baby alone.

“One evening we were returning to their home after having been out to dinner. Our daughter was driving and pulled up into the driveway (which was a fairly steep incline) and parked the car. As we began to disembark, our grandson who was at that “I can do it myself” age, decided he wanted to get himself out of the car. Much to our horror, just as he got one tiny little foot on the ground, the car began to roll backward down the driveway! As I was nearest to the baby, I thrust out one arm to brace the open car door while grabbing for the baby with the other; hoping and praying to prevent the car from crushing him under the wheels. I MISSED!

True-Guardian-Angel-stories“As the car began to gather momentum and drag the baby with it, trapping him under the front wheels, I screamed at my husband to help push the car up the driveway so we could free our grandson. As he bagan to push on the rear of the car, two men suddenly appeared at his side from out of nowhere and helped him push the car up off the baby. I snatched the baby from beneath the car and ran to the house to attend to his injuries and call 911.

“As my husband turned to thank the two mysterious strangers, they were GONE! They had litterally vanished into thin air! There was no time to talk about what had transpired at the moment, so we really didn’t think about it too much until much later that evening, after we had taken our grandson to the hospital. Once we got him back home with nothing more than a severely bruised leg and tucked away safely in his bed, it began to occur to us that the two strangers may have been Angels sent from God to spare our precious baby! We believe that they were because to this very day, our daughter-in-love and son swear they have asked all up and down their block, and NO-ONE has seen or heard of any two men resembling the discription of the two who so miraculously showed up that night! So… keep on believing, Kimmey! We all know that Angels are REAL!”

Thank you, Mrs. K, for this wonderful story of angelic intervention