Tips for Earth Angels

One of the nicest, pure and loving ladies – a true Earth Angel – called for an angel reading, she was desperate. Her symptoms were: “I feel left out, when I go out, people don’t talk to me; it seems that they don’t see me; I am hurting and feel so alone.” Does that sound familiar?

She felt resentment and took it very personal, it was painful and she punished herself even more, thinking something is wrong with her, or that she is not good enough. Have you ever felt like this?

I-feel-left-outArchangel Gabriel gave her answers and explained: Most people she had met, where strictly earthbound and focused on the third dimension. Since she was vibrating very high it was true what she felt, they did not see her, because in their dimension she was not there!

Archangel Gabriel explained another interesting aspect of this phenomenon: All human beings have “light sensors” when they meet someone new and the message comes in “89% light!” It is almost like a warning for the unawakened soul: “Stay away, or you might face some things that you are not ready to look at, yet”.

When you leave the house to go out, to do business or meet new people, understand that there is a big “costume party” going on and people like to mingle with people that are like them. Now what happens when you are sending out the signal: I am different. You scare them!  Or at least make them feel uncomfortable, which is not a common ground for future business.

So when you go to an event to connect with people that are most definitely not vibrating on your frequency send them a telepathic signal: I am harmless, I am your friend, I can help you and you can help me. Also ask that their vibration will be raised to yours, so they can actually recognize you, understand your words and vibration.

So please don’t think that people don’t like you or your services, some might not be ready for you and for others you need to build an energy bridge, so you can connect easier. Once they overcome their own fears and pain they will absolutely love you!